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3:30 am + the next race!

So every night, for the past 6 months I’ve woken up at 3:30 am on the dot regularly. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I wake up and have trouble falling back asleep. Usually it takes me about 30 minutes to fall back asleep. I wake up like it’s time to go and start my day. It’s the strangest thing ever. I was wondering if other people have problems sleeping and how they have dealt with it. This could lead to a can of worms for comments! :)

I was really excited about running this weekend but have been feeling under the weather ever since Thursday. My whole body aches especially my lower back. Alas, I know my body needs rest, especially after the marathon, so a little break won’t hurt it too badly, or mess up my training. I know that when you are sick, if you try to run it will only make it ten times worse. At least that is what happens with me.

Another sad thing, I have my first black toenail. I haven’t ever had one before and it is hideous! I am sad that it turned black, but at the same time, it’s fall and time for dark nail polishes, so therefore hopefully I can cover it up.

I wanted to say Congrats to my good friend Maggie who ran her first 1/2 marathon this weekend, and to all those who ran the Nike Women’s 1/2 and full, and then everyone else who raced! It was fun seeing updates via Twitter over the weekend. Fall is so much fun for racing!

So I guess you’re all wondering when my next race will be? Well drum-roll please, I will be running the Malibu Marathon next month! As in like 26 days from now. CRAZY! I know, but I’m really excited about it and can’t wait to run it. I’m going to do it just for fun with some of my friends from northern California and it will be a great time! We are even going to run in costumes and it should be a blast. My training for that will basically be just some easy miles and one ‘long run’ and then back down to taper.


I’ve had some people ask me about sharing my training plan that I worked with for Long Beach and I will be posting that soon. I still can’t believe that Long Beach was so much fun and it makes driving around town so much more enjoyable too! I remember parts of the course that I drive on daily and it makes me so happy. I really love that course! Hope everyone else had a productive weekend, as mine was definitely not.


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