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You know photoshop?

So I teased you all with a post that would make you feel 10,000 times better about yourself when reading a magazine right? We all know that models are photoshopped in magazines and most advertisements are fake. If this is news to you, well surprise! You’d be pretty shocked at what they can do with a little ‘touching up’

Well a while back I decided to help out a friend, now this was back in late May. He is working on getting his portfolio together and wanted to take some pictures of me, and had seen some of the pictures taken by Kymberli of Webbed Foot Photography. I told him for sure I would help him out. It was different than the pictures I took with Kymberli because it was done in a studio. Now, believe me, I had NO idea what I was doing. Being a model is hard work! I did my make up and hair pretty regular if I was going ‘out’ and smiled and posed. At the end, we took some head shots. This is basically when he was in my face taking pictures that I thought were WAY too close. He told me he would photoshop them and work on them on illustrator to make them look better.

So, to show you how crazy stuff can be done, I give you the only picture I’ve ever shared on here with me without make up.


Now, this was me running one morning. I’m not wearing any make up. Something you may not know about me is that in high school I had horrible acne. I had gone on just about every drug out there and was not very confident in my looks because of my acne. I seriously wish I had a picture to show you guys, it was horrible. I finally went on and off accutane for 3 years. I had to get my blood work done every two weeks to make sure that I was okay but it did clear up most of my acne. My face also has a reddish tone to it without makeup, especially my nose.

I wear makeup mostly everywhere, and now I’ve learned not to pop zits. EVER. They leave the worst scars. So, onto the photo shoot, where I had makeup on and my hair was done. This was the proof of the photo without touching up.Don’t worry I was wearing a black tube top, but you just can’t see it. I made this photo bigger so you can really see the difference.


So yea, I look like myself, just all ‘done up’ if you will. You can see some of my little scars from my acne if you look closely, and there are some of my regular ‘bags’ under my eyes, my teeth look white and you can see how I always get sun poisoning on my lips with the little black dots if you are really looking closely. I know this isn’t going to be appearing in a magazine anytime soon, but I’m happy with the way I look, I look like myself, this is me. Well, the other week the photographer got back in contact with me and said that he had finished photoshopping the picture and this one was his favorite.


WHAT THE HECK!?! Okay, obviously I look pretty freaking good right here, but THAT ISN’T ME! That is a rendition of me. First of all the tone of my face is completely different. My cheeks, yup, different. Then we have my lips. I am pretty sure he somehow applied lip gloss to my lips for me via photo shop, which is pretty sweet but it’s also very strange. Those little brown dots on my lips are gone. My face is COMPLETELY smooth, which is not how it is in real life, at all. Then, my hair is way sharpened to make it look way better and much softer. He was nice and softened the bags under my eyes and also made my eyebrows a little darker and more defined. He brightened up the green parts of my eyes, whitened the whites of my eyes and whitened my teeth. He made the skin on my neck and chest all one color and smoothed out the collarbones. He also deleted two of the freckles on my left shoulder area. He changed my skin tone so that it was consistent throughout the picture, and my freckles on my nose, missing.

Now, I’m not mad about what he did at all, he made me look like the ‘perfect Danica’ if there was such a thing, according to magazines and the ‘standards’ in a very materialistic world. My skin is simply flawless, and this is the picture that would show up in a magazine (figuratively speaking), not the untouched one. I don’t show it to you so that you will comment how pretty I look or anything like that, but for me, when I saw this picture, I was blown away by what they could do on photo shop. I thought it was a good example that many of the role models that girls look up to, fashion and movie star wise and in advertisements are TOTALLY airbrushed. A LOT. I mean, look at me! I do NOT look like that, but some how, with some magic, wha-la! I figured if they can do that to me, imagine what they can do to the rest of the world, and what airbrushing does! It seriously blew my mind.

Guess what, I’d take the untouched top photo any day. That’s ME. It’s nice to look like the middle photo, and even the bottom photo, but in all honesty, that’s not me at all! I know that this post is kind of weird, and random and I don’t want you guys to think that I have really low self confidence or something, but I just wanted to show you how fake advertisements are and what people can do to change the look of a person. If you haven’t seen the Dove Campaign video on Youtube, I advise you to check it out.

I’m just a normal person, and they could make me look like that, imagine what they can do to models. It’s crazy because guess what, we are all different and we are all pretty in our own right! It’s not about comparing yourself to models, because that’s so unrealistic and this just reminded me that looking through magazines, 99% of everything is rendered. Remember that next time you see some ridiculously thin girl, someone with extra long lashes, or someone strutting around in a bathing suit in an advertisement.

We are all different and unique and that in itself makes us all beautiful. That was really cheesy but I really believe that. I hope that you guys realize how much they can change things and it does make you feel better about yourself. Stop comparing yourself against unrealistic opinions! :)


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