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What the Laundromat?

So let me be completely honest with you all. I’ve never set foot in a laundromat before. I  had no idea what to expect, or how it even really worked. I didn’t know what a fluff was or the difference between all the washing machines. I just had the movie scene laundromat visions dancing through my head when I realized just this past weekend that it would be MUCH faster if i did the four, yes I said four, loads of laundry I had accumulated over the past three weeks at the laundromat instead of doing it at my apartment complex. I figured it would cost a little more, but also save much more time.

Let me tell you, I traveled to a, shall we say, interesting part of town with my hamper and laundry basket chock full of dirty, stinky clothes. The laundromat I chose, as pulled up, was across the street  from a sex shop and a diner called “Egg Heaven”. I have heard Egg Heaven is good, but I’ve never ventured there, but the sex shop and food counter across the street that were next to each other looked less than desirable. Along with the people coming and going around the area. I got there and realized as I took everything out of my car and set myself up that I totally forgot my detergent. I was not driving all the way back home and re-loading my car so I decided to buy some detergent out of this vending machine looking thing. I got four packs for 75 cents. I loaded up the washers and sat down to read my book.  I had brought along a David Sedaris book that I read on and off, and thought I could get in some quality reading time. He’s my all time favorite author and I would love to write more like him. I began reading but I had to stop, because there were so many CRAZY people there that I couldn’t stop watching! Let’s give a run down of the experience at the laundromat.

I had my little section all set up on the bench with my two baskets close by and my book and purse. There was the token cute guy doing laundry as well. There has to be a cute guy at the laundromat right? He was changing clothes from a washer to a dryer when I got there, and was cute until he then proceeded to go outside and wax his ’99 corolla in the parking lot. Um, what? Of course, I snuck a picture.


He later was done waxing and started to read a huge science fiction book by me. That was entertaining.

As I was psuedo reading my book and stalking the other clothes washers, this little gem walked in.


What? First, let’s mention the fact that the picture didn’t capture the fact that Indiana Jones here had two pipes for smoking. Smoking pot, which he did in the laundromat. WHAT. Then we have the fact that he was wearing the Indiana Jones hat, hence the nickname. He was also wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt that could have doubled as a dress. He was wearing skinny jeans and oh yea, no shoes. That is something about me, I usually am always wearing shoes. He was wearing none and it looked like he hadn’t worn any shoes for the past week. Disgusting! He kept coming in and out of the laundromat checking on his HUGE load of clothes. I don’t really know where he was going in between checking his laundry. Sketchy. I think if you are not wearing shoes, you might have bigger priorities than washing your clothes? Maybe that’s just me.

Then we had the cute little family who I didn’t snap a picture of, and another older women who was explaining her life problems to a friend via cell phone at a decibel level of far too loud for the close quarters we were all sharing. It was really, really awkward. Like, you start asking yourself questions in your head and questioning what you’re doing. “Do I talk to these people?” “If I do, what do I say?” “Do I talk on my phone?” “Is my laughing at them, really noticeable?” In the words of DJ, “It’s like being on an elevator with people for an hour.” I couldn’t have said it better.


It was finally time to dry my clothes and so I traveled over to the huge dryers. This is where time was saved for sure. And oddly enough, it’s almost mesmerizing to watch your clothes go around and around in the dryer. So it was obviously quite the journey, but an entertaining one none the less!

As soon as I got my clothes folded and dried, I bolted out of that place. Though there were some positives, especially the fact that I was done with my laundry super quickly, but let’s just say, I’ll make sure the next place I live has laundry inside. :)

Today is a rest day! Wahoo!


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