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Wait, you were in charge?

So in yesterday’s post I talked about being a high school cross country coach my senior year in college. Those were the memories! I loved coaching! It was so much fun and it made me realize how much I do love running. Weird, I know. Anyways, I thought in honor of the coaching days I would show you guys some pictures. I might have to try to upload more later, but the files I had on my computer were messing it up. We had one really exceptionally talented girl that I really enjoyed coaching a lot, and the rest of the team was very fun as well. Gosh, high schoolers! Who knew that I would like to coach them. They are too funny, well awkward and funny.


This was at an invitational. The girl on the right was the really talented one. She could psych herself out like I’ve never seen before. It was incredible. I just always reminded her to have fun and just enjoy the race.


This was at the same invitational. It was really fun for me because I ran the same invitational in high school and usually did well at it. I love the polo and shorts ‘coaches look’.

Did I mention high schoolers are awkward? Like incredibly awkward? That was hilarious to coach them. I really did enjoy it and maybe one day I will make a triumphant coaching return. :)

This weekend I have a long run tomorrow and no work on Monday! In honor of that I’m wearing my Angels hat to work today. Yay, for fun long weekends and going to the beach! It’s suppose to be pretty hot here again this weekend, so I know I’ll have to get up really early again tomorrow morning for my long run. This will be the first long run in the new shoes, so hopefully everything goes really smoothly. I think my toes are thankful and are finally healing up. It’s a slow process but at least the snake toes are finally done shedding their skin.

Have a wonderful Labor Day and a weekend full of the runs… errrrr ha ha ha :)


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