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The Wright Sock Review

So I was asked to do a review on Wright Socks. Usually, I run in very, very thin socks. I have run in socks like that since high school, when I first started running. They are almost like a ‘no-show sock’, and they work really well for me. I do know a lot of people who really like Wright Socks and especially when I was having issues with my toes being all messed up I thought, what the heck, lets give it a try, in hopes that it would help the toe issue if it truly was from my toes rubbing together because of sweat or something like that. Now, remember during reading this review, I am the biggest advocate for ‘different things work for different people’. I mean, look at me, I CANNOT take Gus, and most of you can no big deal. I have found that running is all about finding specific things that work for you.

I can definitely see how some of you LOVE Wright Socks, they are no- doubt very comfortable and cushiony, which I liked, but I just personally don’t like that for running. I love to wear them around the house and they are very supportive, which sounds weird for a sock, but it’s true. I really like the cushion part a lot. The part that doesn’t work for me unfortunately is the fact that these socks are very thick. For me, my feet like to be free, and these socks are a little too thick for my liking. I understand that they are cushiony becuase they are thick, but these two features are just not friends with my feet. They make my feet REALLY hot, which is weird. I also don’t like how high up the socks go. They don’t really go up that high, but for me that is very high. Most of my socks barely show out of my shoes.


Here is the side view of the sock. Seriously, they don’t go up that high, I know it’s a whiney thing, but I really like my socks to be low. I do really like the part in the middle of the sock, that is almost like a compression sock.


I know, I have really weird small feet. They do fit the foot well and I do like the design of them.


Here they are laying on my bed. I really like how the middle part compresses and did like that part on my foot when I was running, but the toe area and heel area got really warm for me, becuase of the extra cushion.


Here is another really bad picture of the socks. These are a different kind and I did like these ones a little bit better but they are still all thick socks. These ones have the same compression affect on the arch as well and I like how they go a little bit lower on the ankle.


I also really liked the design on these ones much better as well. They seemed to fit my foot a little better than the other ones too. They were very cushiony and really had a lot of support in the sock as well.

So, overall, if they were thinner, I think I would personally like them much more, but I do hope that you guys try them out for yourselves. I did actually happen to find that after the day one of the walk, I opted for the Wright Sock, the thinnest one they offer, and I did really like them for the walking aspect of things, which as I stated before is much different than running. I also wore a pair to bed around the house that night and they were super, super comfortable and I really like them, just oddly enough not for running. The cushion and support are very cool features and you won’t know if you like them or not unless you try them out yourself. I do like even wearing mine almost as recovery socks for my feet as well after a run because they give so much compression and support, unlike, perhaps flip flops that I usually wear. :) I wish I could say that they are awesome and totally worked for me, but as I said before, different things work for different people.


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