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the 20 miler that…WAS!!!

So as I stated on Friday, I had a 20 miler this weekend. I was either expecting an epic win or an epic fail and it was a mix of both. Let’s have a little recap shall we? It started off great with my friend Ann and we did 10 miles on a new route that took us all over Long Beach. It’s been so humid in the mornings and I could tell my shirt was a poor choice in the clothing department.

There were SO many runners out, it was exciting to see so many other people out enduring the same pain we were in. We heard the beeping of the heart rate monitors, and saw all fuel belts and garmins were chirping about. It seemed like they were all chirping hello and good mornings to each other. It was nice to run on a nice morning with good company and it was one of those runs where I knew it wouldn’t suck besides just the agony I was going to put my body  through, but that was no surprise.

I was fine the first 12 miles of the run, it was warm but I ate my sandwich squares and wasn’t ‘bonked’ out yet. My feet felt fine and the only thing hurting was my butt. I think that was still sore from the walk last weekend, but gosh, it was SORE! Too funny. We trekked on and went through more of the new route and I felt fine besides my butt for the most part. Then it was just getting so hot. I did the craziest thing. Ran without my shirt. You know it’s hot when I decide to do that. Whatever. I was dying.

Around mile 16, I started to sputter a little bit,  but it gets to that point and you just realize, dude, I already came THIS far! It’s ONLY four more miles. I’m not stopping now! I kept track of where we were and we just kept chugging along. We looked at all the pretty houses and kept working forward. The faster we got done the faster it was over. Around mile 16 also my feet were starting to get sore as well, another little leftover trinket from the walk. I do think that the lingering soreness reared its head on this run since I hadn’t been on my feet since the walk for that long since then.

The last two miles, I started getting so excited to be done that I started picking up the pace. It was a pretty exciting to be SO CLOSE and have accomplished the rest of your run and know that you’re almost home. We ran up and down the little main street in my neighborhood and finally ended right by her car. It felt AMAZING to be done and great to get a good 20 miler finally in the bag. I felt like I kept putting it off and making lame excuses. 20 miles is a long way and it’s daunting if you don’t believe you can do it. I knew I could, but actually doing it is a whole different story. I am just glad I got another one under my belt that didn’t include bathroom stops, getting sick and feeling like I got run over. Then my heart got run over when USC lost later in the day but that’s another story.

I came home, ice bathed and then got ready for the day. My lower back has been hurting since the run, which I think just needs some stretching and my butt still hurts. I am using the  stick on it to try to release some of the pain so hopefully that helps. My shoulders really tensed up all day Sunday which was no fun, but overall, I’m glad that I got in a run that didn’t involve a huge bonk at the end, besides the usual pain of just running that far for that long. The rest of the weekend was spent in front of the TV watching football, which is amazing. I forgot how much I missed it.

There were so many of you racing this weekend, it got me really excited for Long Beach! It’s coming up so soon and I’m excited to run in my city. It should be a great race and I have a sentimental post that I am preparing to post before the race approaches. I also have the InVigirators sock review coming up and also, remember to take the quiz to sign up for the Zensah Giveaway! :)


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