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I already regret this. :)

So yesterday, I asked the twitter world and the blog world if I should post a video that is rather embarrassing of me taking an ice bath. I took the video in the first place because a. I’m an idiot and b. I wanted to show you guys a new idea I had (that many of you maybe have already had but I thought it was brilliant, and, I, at times, can be slow) to make an ice bath not suck so much. Today is Friday and I usually try to post something entertaining or funny, and I guess today I wanted to take it to the next level.

So when I did the walk with DJ, I knew after day one (walking 26.2 miles) we would HAVE to ice bath to be functioning at all the next day (where we had to walk 13.1 more miles). Taking an ice bath really helps get the yuckiness out of your muscles and makes you much less sore. Believe me, ice baths are REALLY CRAPPY, but they also REALLY work. Also, if DJ can take one, you can too. She freaking rocked the ice bath, so get in there and stop complaining. Normally most of the time, unfortunately, I’m cussing while in the ice bath, but luckily this video I kept myself in check. Anyways, if we hadn’t taken them, I doubt we would have been mobile the next day. Seriously. Give it a shot, and you’ll really feel the difference.

That being said, let me tell you a few little somethings about me. I HATE WATER. I am like a cat. Even when I take a shower, I take relatively very short showers, (6-10 minutes max) and also I really don’t like the ocean, or swimming, or anything at all that is water related, besides drinking water of course! This could be because my hair takes forever to do once I wash it, but who knows. I’ve never been very keen on water. Oddly enough my brother loves to surf, is a lifeguard, loves swimming and has webbed feet. HAHA, sorry T-money had to throw that in there! I guess he got the all the love for the water in the family, while I got none. Secondly, I HATE being cold, nay, LOATHE it. I always am bringing a jacket wherever I’m going, and yes, I HATE the snow. I get cold pretty easily since my arms and legs are skeletor status. Mid section, doesn’t get cold so easily, score. So therefore, an ice bath is like my arch-nemesis. Two things I do not like at all.

So, I had the brilliant idea from somehow thinking of putting a frog in boiling water. If you put him in when it’s boiling, he hops out, but if you put a frog in cold water and then boil it, he stays in. I then thought of myself as a frog and this translates to ice baths! See, sometimes my train of thought is a little weird. So when it comes to ice baths, I have an incredibly hard problem when the tub is filled and the ice is in it with sitting down. I get my feet in and stand there whining for a while. Then I can’t get myself to sit down. I know that once I sit down, and give it a minute I’ll be frozen so it doesn’t matter but it’s the fact of sitting my butt down. I thought, what if I filled the tub up with the usual cold water, and then had DJ pour in the ice for me after I was already in? Would it be better? Well let me tell you, this works WAY better for me! It still stinks to sit down in such cold water, but I can do it pretty quickly,  and it’s definitely not as bad as sitting down in ICE COLD water. I can do it only with a few moments of whimpering and breathing noises. Then pouring in the ice, there is some breathing that makes me sound like I’m going to have a baby, but then it’s over and I’m in and already sitting down. Then I just let it freeze for a minute and I’m good to go for the required 10-15 minutes.

So first off, I’m wearing a swimsuit, I’ll let you guys know that in the first minutes of the video. Just make fun of my breathing and especially the whimpering puppy noises when I pour in the 2nd bag. It’s freezing people. I used to have to get in the whirlpool in high school and I hated that too. I was also way smaller in high school so I would sit there and FREEZE and my teeth would chatter, the physical therapists always felt bad for me. So now a days, I put on a sweatshirt and get my iPhone all ready and just let it burn.

Anyways, here’s the video. This solidifies that I’m a freak, and even more so because I just posted it for the world to see. Also, I preface this video with the fact that I hate my voice. Ha ha ha. Enjoy!

On that note!

This weekend I have a 12 MILER. ONLY 12!!! YAY! I am excited to be back on track (figuratively, not literally) and ready to run Long Beach! This Debbie Downer has turned her frown upside down and is ready to rock! My inner cheerleader is back. Okay maybe it’s because I had a pumpkin spice latte and since I never drink caffeine, I could be twitching a little, but hey! It’s the WEEKEND PEOPLE!


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