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Getting lost.

So you see, this morning my run was suppose to be a good run, with a few hills along a new route that I had recently found. I live in an area where a bay travels throughout much of it, and sometimes if you get stuck on one side of the bay it’s quite a hassle to get back around to the other side. I got up extra early and took off after Claude found a satellite. I felt decent but my legs were a tad heavy. They usually are in the mornings. I’m chugging along, enjoying my new route, looking at all the pretty houses and just enjoying that everything is working okay once again. I get to mile 4 and think to myself, alright I have only three more miles. I run past lots of fun things, the duck park, Woodrow Wilson High School, (the high school that the movie, Freedom Writers was based on) The Long Beach Lawn Bowling Club, The Dog Park, The Long Beach Casting Club (weird, right?), Two golf courses, and everything is just going swimmingly. The clouds were like pink and blue cotton candy dotting the sky, and I felt like I could reach out and touch their fluffiness and it made me hungry. It wasn’t dark and I wasn’t scared like usual either.

I reach the little park that I am suppose to cut through and start jogging down knowing that I’ll be home soon and ready for work in no time and that I had tackled all the little hills already throughout the run. I start thinking hm, I hope this park has a bathroom. La da da, run, run, run through the nice little park, run, run, run, stop. Stop because the park dead ends. Dead ends into the bay. I looked like the biggest idiot and there was no bathroom. I was this close to being home and I couldn’t cross the bay and I had to run ALL the way around the bay and back up the street which tacks on an extra three miles to my house. I looked around and I was pretty defeated. I was tired and a sweaty mess, and normally I don’t sweat all that much. I thought to myself, well idiot head, you got yourself here now you have to go back around and get home before your late to work. I turned around, ran back through the not so nice little park anymore, and had to run up another large hill before I was on the home straight away. It wasn’t that bad of a run, and besides being a little bit tired, I was fine, but I just didn’t want to run that far since I have the walk this weekend.

Oh that’s right. The Walk. I kind of almost forgot about it, but it’s here. Hooray. I know I’ll be fine during it but I’m more nervous about getting bored. I’m really thankful that my roommate is doing it with me. Oh yea, another thing, I don’t walk. So that will be entertaining, along with the other participants in the event I’m sure. It will be really fun and I’m excited and nervous about it. I just hope it isn’t too hot, that’s my main concern.

Funny how so many of you sing in your car as well. That makes me feel better about my singing. And everyone gets scared! Just like me! It seems like we all think people who aren’t running are out to get us. Interesting. Oh and a little reminder. Don’t eat eggs before you run, or you’ll be ready to throw up after mile 2, and don’t eat some weird chicken patty from Trader Joes the night before either. Ugh.



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