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Did I catch a niner in there?

What are we, talking on walkie talkies? Amazing movie.  So today I realized that I could do the whole cliche here’s nine interesting fun things about me, and guess what, it’s totally what I’m going to do. Random, yes, entertaining, hopefully, and on another completely random note, it’s ALREADY the NINTH of SEPTEMBER? This means a few things, like it’s time to bust out the sweaters and boots and I’m excited about it.

Now onto what you’ve all been dying to hear about. 9 wonderful facts about yours truly.

1. I sing a lot in my car, and I’m tone deaf, and don’t know half the lyrics. It’s mostly me making up words or singing 1/4th of the words, in random parts of the song. I’m really good at singing weird parts of songs. Most of my music is rap too, rap or power ballads. This makes it even more awkward. It’s really cool when people see me singing and I feel really embarrassed. It’s moments where I start to think, “Okay, so do I just keep full on singing? Do I pretend I’m talking on my phone?” Usually it ends up with me kind of weirdly laughing and realizing that I’m an idiot.

2. This past weekend I went to Target, and not only was Macaroni and Cheese on sale, but I found out there are new different kinds that I haven’t tried yet. HELLO. How did I not know about this? Whole wheat? Three Cheese? Wow, I must live under a rock, because this was the most epic find ever. I bought like five boxes and they were only 92 cents each.

3. I recently realized that The Lonely Island has a whole CD. Another AMAZING find. I have listened to this pretty much on a daily basis. Yes, I do sing to this in my car. Crass and inappropriate? Check. Funny? Check.

4. This past weekend I watched StepBrothers twice. In no way am I ashamed of that, I am impressed, that movie deserves to be watched daily.

5. I have a small obsession with headbands. I found myself purchasing three online yesterday. I already have probably around 25. I need to stop channeling my inner Blair Waldorf and not buy everything with bow on it. I’ve even considered running with a headband on that is not appropriate for running. Strange, but true.

6. Since it’s already September, I realized that the Long Beach race is coming up QUICKLY.This is scary and exciting all at the same time. I haven’t raced in a long time, so I’m getting nervous and excited all over again. I can’t wait for all the fall races I’m doing, and I know kicking it off with Long Beach will be the BEST, since I love the course and it’s my ‘home turf’.

7. It won’t be light when I get home anymore after work, which sadly means I have to get my lazy butt out of bed in the morning. Or I need to find a huge dog to run with and a reflective bodysuit so that I don’t get run over by either angry bikers, or cars. I am thinking a reflective like wetsuit so that I will never be mistaken or not seen. Both options seem doable, we shall see which one works out better.

8. Does anyone else, as it gets darker, get more freaked out. I already jump at my own shadow when I run sometimes, but as it starts getting more gloomy and fall comes in, I get more and more jumpy. The other day I ran around a corner and just about ran into a guy who jumped back and was scared of me! It was pretty funny but we were both startled. Fall and winter make me even more scared out on the streets though. Remember, safety is important.

9. This is just a weird funny picture I found that made me laugh. How non-creepy is it suppose to be and how creepy is it really.


Well that was scatterbrained! Don’t worry I’ll get my brain back in working order, like for a review of Wright Socks tomorrow! :)


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