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Hooray for it being FRIDAY! That means pictures and hopefully something funny… Well I have a treat for you!

Um, so this is the weirdest but most EPIC thing that could have possibly happened to me. I know I get excited about dumb things, but if you don’t know what “Craigslist Missed Connections” are, it’s basically a place to post about someone you saw at the grocery store, or somewhere like that and didn’t have enough guts to say hi to them. Mostly it’s weird, kind of random people and some of them are simply AMAZING and creepy all at the same time. So, call me weird, but one of my friends showed me them in college and she was obsessed with reading them. I like to read them out of pure humor often as well, and we always thought it would be the greatest if we found ourselves on missed connections. People write the funniest stuff and it’s pretty entertaining, to say the least.

So in July, I was up in San Fransisco for the 1/2 marathon right? And we all remember the glorious posters that me and Tara and Maritza spent the night making for the next morning at the San Fransisco Marathon right?


Then we all remember how the runners loved them, and the nipple chafing turns me on sign came back to haunt me right?  Because this fool at Gordon Biersh was obsessed with the sign, me and also was inebriated and smelled, granted he finished a marathon… BUT STILL. He came up to our table, and yes, took me downstairs and got us two shots to take together that totaled to be 19 bucks. Classy.


I wasn’t going to be a complete B and turn him down, so I obliged. Luckily, Maritza was there and saved me from his craziness, and up the stairs we went. I luckily avoided him for the remainder of our time at lunch.


Now, how does this all tie in together you may ask? Well, the other day my friend, Maritza told me that somehow a friend of hers  FOUND ME ON MISSED CONNECTIONS VIA THE NIPPLE CHAFING SIGN. That sign must be made again because it obviously is the most amazing sign ever made. He took this screen shot because he wanted to show her. Sadly, I don’t have the link anymore, since it’s too old and craigslist erases them after a given amount of time.


Weirdly enough, I know it’s not the same guy who got the shots because I asked him how old he was and he said he was 25. Pretty amazing if you ask me. I made missed connections. My life is complete and I can now die a happy person. I wish so badly I could have seen what was written, but it got erased.


PS. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, IF YOU CAN!!!! Help out my roommate to raise $155 dollars by tomorrow so she can do the walk with me! Anything will help, and she only has $155 dollars left to go, even though her website says differently, since she has gotten some checks and they have not been added to the site. We both will be forever grateful. If you would like to donate, visit her site : Shea’s Donation Site! Thank you again in advance if you chose to make a donation!

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