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This is a beark. I’m going to go beark on my 20 miler tomorrow. I cannot even explain to you how excited I am. So therefore when I get this excited I know it’s either going to be epic blowup of a run, or a wonderful run, with me it’s one extreme or the other on long runs. I’m super excited to be running with Ann again though! I guess I’m also so excited because I think now I know nothing will ever be as bad as walking 26.2 miles. NOTHING. I’m getting up early tomorrow morning and getting that beast done and then going to rejoice in my successes for the rest of the day. This basically means I’ll shovel whatever amount of food into my mouth that I want. Don’t judge me.

Why do I keep laughing at that picture? Oh that’s right, I have the humor of a 12 year old boy.

I know I say this a lot, but seriously, if you go into a run with a mindset that it’s going to suck, it will suck. If you go into a run with the mindset of this is going to be awesome and I’m going to beark this B, then normally it goes much better. At least for the first few miles. :) It’s funny, every day, I drive the same route to work and I drive past a donut shop. The same homeless man stands out front every morning and waves at people. Now, I have no idea what his story is, but sometimes I’ve seen people give him donuts and coffee right outside the shop. Every morning he waves at everyone who passes by. At first, I thought this guy was crazy, but now that I’ve seen him every day for the past 6 months, I always wave and smile and yes, even look for him in front of that donut shop. Everyone else waves back at him too. This guy could have absolutely nothing, but he just always looks so happy and waving to everyone, it just always cheers me up. I think next week I’m going to bring him some food one morning. Every morning his wave makes my day and I always know he’ll be there. It’s a weird story, but I guess it made me realize in a weird way that life is too short to be a grouch. Might as well just smile and wave to everyone right? Okay enough random homeless man stories. It kind of goes along with the whole, ‘if you think it’s going to be awful it will be’ mentality.


Have a weekend full of the runs… errrr well you know what I mean. :)


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