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A weekend of running

Remember when I was bragging about all the good running I was doing and how everything was going so smoothly? I now eat my words. Sometimes I have certain runs that after I get back I think to myself, seriously, you KNOW better than to do this, so WHY did you just do that. Take my Friday afternoon run for example. I took off at 3 pm, and immediately was sweating like a beast. It was about 93 degrees out and I was simply dying. I also, before my run, drank a huge glass of water because I was thirsty. Another stupid move. I had a huge side-ache and the run was horrible. Once I got home though I thought, why did you do that. You know better than to run at 3, you know better than to drink water before. It was just a bad run. I told DJ that literally, if I had my phone with me I would have called her to come get me.

After that bad run, the weekend was one of relaxation to say the least. Friday night I went to the Museum of Latin America Art in Long Beach for an event on movement and dance, especially focusing on Latin America. It was actually a ton of fun and I’m really glad I went. It was definitely something  different and I wouldn’t had  normally done it, but I was really glad I went. Even when I was taking salsa dancing lessons. Yes, you read that. I took salsa lessons.


This is kind of a bad picture but they had these dancers and they were wearing all authentic costumes and it was really cool to see them all and learn more about the latin american culture.

Saturday morning was the 12 miler with Ann which was over very quickly, but it was still really humid out. I ran without a shirt again because I needed to break in a new sports bra and didn’t want it bleeding color on any of my good shirts. When I got home I had about 10 gnats in my sweat on my stomach. They were attracted to my abs I think. Wonderful. I didn’t eat anything before my  run besides a promax bar, and I think that is what I will go with on race day, which is quickly approaching. I think because it’s so chalky and tastes like crap it doesn’t upset my stomach because I didn’t have any stomach problems this weekend. Saturday I watched football all day and did nothing with my life besides go to the laundromat, which is a different story for a different day. It was nice to just sit and sleep.

The Sunday I wanted to get in a nice seven miler. Again, another horrible run. Totally exhausted the whole time and my legs were DEAD. I realized again after I got home, I should have felt crappy, I had put in a lot of miles in the last few days so of course my legs were tired. It was just one of those runs and yes it was super humid again. I came back and though it was such a short run my legs felt so tired so I decided to ice bath. I think it helped, and the rest of my Sunday was spent celebrating a friends birthday on the ‘big red bus’.


Today is a rest day and I’m glad. I feel like my legs for sure needed a rest. Hopefully the running this week will be better than the running I did this weekend and my legs will get some spring back into them!


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