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Oh Vegas.

Wow this weekend was a whirlwind trip! It was a blast though and I’m really glad I was spontaneous for once in my life and made the trip out. We got there after about a 7 hour drive on Friday night and got ready to go out. We arrived at the Monte Carlo and as soon as we drove down the strip we saw ALL the construction going on in the town. Everywhere we looked stuff was being built and the walkways were very limited. I realized then, and at the late arrival, that I would for sure be hitting the gym up in the morning for my workout. We finally got settled and got ready to go out. Our destination was Pure at Ceasers Palace. It was super easy to get into once we walked into the casino and then we hung out with some guys at a cabana on the roof and it was pretty fun! I wore some new shoes (worst decision ever) and my feet were killing me! We stayed out until 4:30 am and I realized I would NOT be getting up in the morning to run on the strip at 6 am.


Don’t worry the dance moves were out and about! :) It was a super fun club to be at and the bottle service wasn’t too bad, it gave us all a spot to sit down! I wore my most ‘Vegas dress’ on Friday night and my shoes were killing me. Giant fail for the rest of the weekend.


Six of the nine girls in our group for the weekend. It was pretty hot out at night, but the cabanas at Pure were super nice and I’m glad that we got to use one.


We were on our way out when we decided to dance a little bit more. We were dancing downstairs when this guy came up to us and asked if he could take a picture with us with our camera? Strangest thing ever. We said sure, and this was the outcome. Notice my roommate grabbing my arm in fear? Ha ha.

The next morning I got up at 9:30 am and went down to the gym. I had to pay 19 bucks to use the gym. Since that’s almost a 5k or 10k race fee so I ran 6.2 miles to get it in, but that was all I could handle on the old treadmill. I then decided to take a spin class. BAD IDEA. I got my butt kicked and was incredibly sore and got super sick. Not bueno. Finally after being in the gym for what seemed like forever, I headed back upstairs and everyone else was still sleeping. I fell back asleep and woke up about 2 hours later. Yup, we didn’t leave the room until 2 pm. We grabbed breakfast, lunch and dinner all at once at a little cafe in our hotel. It was great.


We are throwing up the ‘Fullerton f’ because we were the failures of the night before.


This is typical. That phone has been glued to my hand for over two years now, and I will never part with it.


During the remainder of the day, we walked around the strip. One girl wanted a crepe, so we went to Paris to get one, two wanted Fat Tuesday margaritas so walked around and just saw all that the strip had to offer. There were many freaks out that’s for sure. We stayed far away.


The roommate and I getting ready to go out for the 2nd night. We decided to hit up XS at the Encore and also were deciding either on Tao or Prive.


This was in Prive, in Planet Hollywood. It was an interesting scene that’s for sure. We got there about 11 pm and stayed until 1 am.

Then, we went to bed and got up early, checked out and started the drive home. It only took us about 5 hours to get home so that was good. My feet are STILL killing me. I need to work on wearing heels more!

As for my running, I am either going to go for a bike ride tonight with the roommate or I will be running 4-6 miles. I know right now that it’s come down to allowing my toes to heal properly so I can get in my long runs on the weekends. They are finally looking a little bit better, but every time I do run it sets me back. It was great to run the 6 miles, but my feet were killing me from the night before. Oh the price of beauty. Vegas was crazy, but I’m glad I went and I don’t think there will be another trip in my future for a while. It’s just a lot for me. I don’t know how some people can do it all the time! It’s far to crazy for me :)


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