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Oh those puppies

This weekend I struggled through my 18 miler and cut it short at 15.5 miles. My toes were really beat up and I realized I was beginning to run awkwardly because they were hurting so bad. Thus my awkward painful running motion created another blister on my big toe. That’s when I realized it was time to stop and also time to go to the doctor regarding these little piggies. Thankfully, they are doing much better than they were last weekend after my run. They are toughening up? Maybe? I hope? Even though my toes are messed up, I had another “wait I don’t need to stop at a bathroom, this is an incredible feeling run,” so that was a definite plus! I know I could have kept going to hit 18 miles, but I just didn’t want to mess up my feet more and hurt myself in the long term.

After the run, I went to take the dog walking training class at the local animal shelter that I volunteer at. I had to take the class in order to start being able to walk the dogs that they have there. I have considered getting up early (crazy, I know) and going over there and running with a few of the bigger ones on my shorter run days. I forgot how much I love dogs and once I got there I was reminded. I volunteer at a no-kill animal shelter and the dogs there are to die for. It’s sad because a lot of dogs get dumped there since they are a no-kill shelter, and walking roughly 35-40 dogs takes a lot of time. The dogs are walked 3 times a day and after my class I went for my first walk. I was a little nervous about the bigger dogs, so I picked the dog I thought was the cutest one there. He was just found that morning and was only three months old. The dog was little, the walk was a little more carrying and playing than walking, but I loved it! I’m so glad I can volunteer there, and of course, I have to kill you all with super cute puppy pictures. These were all at the shelter, just a reminder to check out your local shelter if you are looking into adopting a new friend! Believe me, if I had a place that allowed dogs, I would have taken that little guy home.


This one was in a kennel with a German Shepard and they were best friends! How cute is he!


Many people don’t believe that you can get purebred dogs at the animal shelter. Personally, I LOVE little scruffy mutt dogs, but there was a purebred Yorkie, a silky and even a dachshund there. There were a lot of purebred pit bulls too, and those are the hardest to get adopted.


Um, this is a ‘danica dog’ if I’ve ever seen one. I was IN LOVE. He was brought in that morning and was the one I walked on my trial walk. I will be definitely going back to walk and run with many more dogs. It’s really fun and even after my long run, walking with them felt great.


Cutest thing. EVER.


He says, have a good week! :)

Tomorrow I’ll be posting a sweet giveaway, so check back!


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