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It’s time I start looking for a motivational morning running partner. Now, I have pretty strict requirements for this. If you know of anyone who falls in these categories, please feel free to have them email me asap, I need this person to kick my butt back into gear during my lazy morning runs. Not on my long runs, I have the wonderful Ann for my girl talk long runs.

You see I have this problem, it’s called I like to sleep. A lot. Waking up is not my strong point. I can get up no problem for work, but if it’s cold, dark or not work time, I am more apt to pull the covers over my head and press snooze. On the rare occasion that I do get up, I do love running in the mornings. I just need to remember that when the 5:00 am hour rolls around. So onto this search.

This person is preferably male. He is willing to come to my house, make me some warm tea and then yell at me to get out of bed. His yell must be forceful and he must tell me all the good things about working out early. He will NEVER turn on the light in the mornings though, because that is one of my biggest pet peeves. He will also never rip my covers off because I hate that too. He will then make me oatmeal as I get ready to go for a run. Don’t worry, I’m fine with instant oatmeal.

On our run, he will push me with encouraging words and tell me how great I look. He will tell me what a good job I’m doing and how I am going to do so much better at my next race. When I want to quit, he will keep me going by telling me that it’s not worth it to quit and that I only have a few more miles left and that I can do it! He will keep track of all my splits and progress during our training as well. He will carry my fuel belt and make sure that I’m properly hydrated. If I ever get stuck in a bathroom dilemma, he will wait for me outside and not make fun of me.  And when I want to be done, he will yell at me to keep going. I do well with yelling, if you couldn’t tell.

Then we have the non running workout after that will give me abs of steal and a Marissa Miller body. He will show me how to do the workouts and tell me never to give up. He will be encouraging and firm and let me know when I’m doing things wrong and will do the countdown on each exercise. Oh wait, you call that a personal trainer?  Innnnnnteresting. Well my last requirement is that he looks like this…


GoodNESS Ryan Reynolds… get me in shape, I’ll even run stairs with you!


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