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Maybe some long distance runners don’t like watching track. I sure know that people who don’t run think watching track isn’t that exciting, but HOT DANG, watching track is something I just can’t get enough of. With the worlds on right now my tivo is on overdrive getting all the great races and new world records and when I got home, the first thing I watch is track. Seriously, it’s one of my all time favorite things to watch on television.

Now, I know I ran track in high school (mile, 4×4, 100 & 300 hurdles) and I know that I put in some long hours at the track and during season. I also ran cross country and played soccer so I know that it takes a lot to practice and improve, but let me tell you, I have the most respect and admiration for these athletes. Their schedules and lives are dedicated to training for their given event, and their talent just blows me away. While watching the events, I get so nervous as they get in the blocks, and all the feelings come back to me like I’m going to race. When the starter says set, I just feel my whole body tense up and my stomach jump for them, and I’m just watching it on TV! I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be there. I vow to go to Oregon one year for the Olympic qualifiers one year.

If you haven’t ever watched track, give it a chance. It gives me so much inspiration to watch the runners go so incredibly fast and to see their dedication and hard work paying off. I love the hurdles, since I ran them, and I love the relays, but all events are just as inspiring to me. Everyone is so fast and makes it look so easy. I guess I channeled my inner track athlete last night when I went out for my run. I normally never post numbers on my blog, but look at this weird little run.

mile 1 – 7:30
mile 2 – 8:15
mile 3 – 8:32
mile 4 – 8:52
mile 5 – 8:25
mile 6 – 8:11
mile 7 – 7:36
It’s almost completely opposite. Now, I NEVER run that fast, but yesterday I had some motivation. I had to get home before it got dark and if I didn’t run fast enough I would be stuck in a bad area when it was dark. It’s a little game I call, run for your life, literally. I guess my mind was channeling all my favorite track athletes and I was feeling great. It was windy for the first 4 miles and I had to run into it, but the last 3 I was running with it and I think that helped me keep my speed going. I haven’t had a quick, good run like that for a while and it was just what I needed to get me back on track. I really like the four day a week training plan I’m on. It keeps my legs feeling very fresh and I’m not exhausted all the time, another plus.
Sometimes you just have those runs where you feel like everything clicks, you can work hard but you aren’t dying, your legs aren’t heavy and nothing is hurting. All the good songs come onto your ipod and your garmin found satellite before you even started your run. The sun is setting and there aren’t too many bikers and people out on the path. People are friendly and your legs can just turn over faster and faster. Your breathing is controlled and relaxed and you are just in cruise control. That’s how that run was. Everything was just clicking and my legs just kept going. I haven’t been running that fast for that long since the good old high school days. Sadly, it was then I was running all right about 7:00 minute miles, but I’ll take what I can get! That run made me excited for my next run tomorrow night a lovely 8 miler. Well I think I might do it in the morning, but we will see how I’m feeling tomorrow.
Sometimes, when things click like that it reminds you how much you do love to run, and even though I did run fast and it felt great, it reminded me how much I enjoy running, no matter what my time may be.
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