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Let’s talk about some funny things.

Today my blog turns one. Hooray! Happy Birthday little buddy! I’m glad I can continue to write about my journeys, trips to the bathroom, running, racing and random life stories that seem to entertain you guys. Unfortunately I have no cool things to giveaway, but perhaps I will think of something next week! Stay tuned. Instead of giveaway, I give you a funny story. You’re welcome!

So if you follow me on twitter, you may have seen my twitter rampage I went on last night. I rarely tweet more than a few things at once that isn’t directed towards a friend, but I went a little crazy when this little sit-u-a-chi-on was thrown my way. One of my favorite tweets that I re-read was, “What a complete slazzle! Okay, I’m done. Twitter rampage over. Deep Breaths and massage time!” (FYI, the roomie got me hooked on slazzle instead of saying other words that are mean that could be directed towards some women, it sounds so much better! :) )

Last night I had scheduled a massage with my favorite masseuse. I know, I get massages. Mr. R calls it ‘my thing’. That lucky little devil always gets massages with me when we go on fun trips together and I foot the bill so he encourages it. Well I show up to my appointment and there seems to be some confusion. My appointment was not booked. Instead my therapist is suppose to be with someone named Susan. The girls at the front desk are relatively new and really have no idea what to do with this dilemma. They awkwardly look at me, and we come to the conclusion that it’s probably just a mistake and they put the wrong name down. The door opens and in walks Susan who we will now refer to as The Evil One. She is with her Behemoth daughter and says, “Susan for two at 7”. This immediately confuses the girls behind the desk more. They have absolutely no idea what to do or where to even begin. The girl behind the desk says, “Well, Evil One, we have a little bit of a problem,” and before she can even finish the sentence Evil One is barking down her throat. “Obviously I don’t know what that problem is so why don’t you tell me?” Even I was taken aback by her tone and aggressiveness.

They explained that I had requested the specific therapists but they had double booked her. Bottom line, The Evil One didn’t request her and I did. Simple fix right? She takes the other therapist and I get the one I requested right? WRONG. There was one slight problem. The Evil One would NOT take an appointment with anyone who hadn’t been at the spa for more than a month. Really? She was SO demanding and I just stood there, pretty much mouth open staring at her. They asked her when she booked her appointment. I was expecting it to be a few weeks or a month in advance. She practically spat, “TWO DAYS AGO!” Whoa, whoa, whoa psycho. You booked your appointment only 2 days ago and you didn’t request a therapist and now you are taking my appointment and therapist?! Ummmm hello? I was going to stand my ground when I realized that Behemoth could beat the crap out of me. Then The Evil One went on a rampage. The girls behind the desk stared at her. I stared at her. Then The Evil One just stared at me, with this face like, “So, are you going to switch or do I have to yell again?”

Normally, I would have stood my ground. I can be quite a bitch myself to get something I want when I had properly done everything I needed in order to receive it. It was seriously almost one of those moments when I wanted to look at her and say,

“Oh no you didn’t”

Then pictures of me and Behemoth pulling out each others hair and the girls screaming behind the counter and us rolling around on the ground biting each other danced in my head ala Mean Girls Cafeteria Scene. I value my hair and I was the bigger person. I said I would switch. I was expecting an “I’m so sorry, Thank you so much, Really you don’t have too,” type response. What did she say?


GOOD?! Wow. At this point I almost just said forget it and walked out but I wanted my massage! With a different masseuse or not. Plus I knew after my massage I would be talking to management. So I go into the “waiting area”. I’m completely livid and The Evil One and Behemoth come in. She will not even look at me and she just flips through her magazine over and over. Finally, my masseuse comes and and I took a few deep breaths and was totally relaxed and fine. She was a little to chatty for me to begin with, but whatever. The massage gods didn’t seem to be looking down on me with happiness last night.


I swear to you, I wish I could type out everything after that. It was just one of those things where the rest of the time, I was almost on the verge of laughing and crying all at once. As time went on she told me she was racist and I told her the story of The Evil One. It was not the best massage ever, and when I went out to pay, The Evil One and Behemoth were getting ready to pay as well but they wouldn’t even come over and look at me or stand by me at the counter. I hope this is because The Evil One had some sense knocked into her and realized she did something RUDE. After I told management what had happened they comped the last 30 minutes and my next massage will be free, so, whatever, just go with it right?

Oh a day in the life.

This morning I woke up and now my back hurts like it got pulverized last night. What are you going to do, I seriously just laughed about the whole thing. It was so, SO, bizarre! Anyways, This week at work we started working flex hours. Monday thru Thursday, I don’t like it that much. Friday… FRIDAY is amazing! I have a whole new pep in my step today! I’m going to go home, go to the beach to get some rays, clean my room and then go for a run! This weekend Mr. R’s brother and soon to be new roommate is down to look at their new apartment. I don’t really know what they are doing, but I know that tomorrow I’m going for my long run with my new friend Ann! I’m so excited to have a running buddy!  We are going to do 12-14 miles in Huntington Beach and I don’t think I will even take my ghetto handheld with me because I know there will be fountains around.

Hope you all have a great weekend and get in some nice quality runs. I will announce my big news on Monday! Hooray!


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