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He’s ONE?!

So perhaps you may all remember this post when I found a small cat on the side of the road during my run. Back then, the cat was small, flea ridden and had a hurt front leg. He was so beat up and had spiderwebs on his face when I found him. He had a huge cut on his lip and was just beat up.


I asked my two cousins if they would want to take him, since they were actually considering getting a cat. When we first took him to the vet the same day I found him, they initially thought he was a girl, after a 2nd visit, where something decided to show, they realized that he was a boy and thus went through the same confusing name changes as P-diddy and went from Precious to Patchy.

He was deemed healthy and after an x-ray, his leg healed on his own. Even when he was small he had HUGE paws and I think that he may have been a product of tom cats, because the little kitten grew and grew.

At Christmas, he was an elf. An unhappy elf at at that.


He even made a special appearance and wished me good luck before a 5k race.


He grew and grew and grew and then grew even more. Now, Patchy is HUGE. Huge as in a huge ball of fur that weights 13 pounds. He has such long legs and a gigantic fluffy skunk tail. As you can tell, he lays around a lot. This picture is so funny, because it looks like he’s wearing shorts!


See, even compared to me, he’s big. He is the fluffiest cat I’ve ever seen. He does crazy acrobatic moves and jumps around the house all the time. He also has a lot of dog tendencies, like running to you when you come home and also responding to treats and voices very well. He will also follow you around the house and is very playful. He is still living with my cousins and is doing very well there.



This picture just cracks me up. Well, I totally forgot that yesterday was his birthday! The beast is now 1. Hopefully he will stop growing now. Tonight I’ll be running 6 miler on the path down by the beach. I have a big announcement coming up and am going to be working on adding some special features to my site as well. Stay tuned! Also, the Special Deals page is almost completely updated now. Shop away!


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