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Angel Stadium 5k Race Recap

This past weekend I ran in a very small 5k at Angels Stadium. The Angels are my ‘team’ so I was pretty excited about this race because I heard we ran through Angels Stadium. Now, I didn’t know exactly what the course entailed, and there was no course map that I really could tell where we were going. It was three miles around the parking lot for the most part, which was boring and pretty hard on the old knees, BUT we did run THROUGH angel stadium and it was one of of the coolest things ever. I got the honor of running with Ann Gaffigan, the founder of Women Talk Sports. The girl is quick and just had a baby 10 weeks ago. I am also super excited because I think we are going to run some of our long runs together. She is training for the Chicago Marathon which is the same day at the Marathon in Long Beach. The girl is quick and it was fun to talk about all thing sports. Can’t wait for some of our long runs!

So got up early with Mr. R who also decided to run the race!!!! Super exciting for me! He was going to run with another one of our friends, who was going to ‘race’ the race until he got hurt during training. It was fun to see a bunch of people I knew and then before I knew it, the race was starting up. We lined up closer to the front of the corral and the megaphone went off. Sometimes I forget how fun smaller races are.

We started out around and around the parking lot. I didn’t know if we were actually going to make it into the stadium as it seemed to be all locked up. I also didn’t know what running through the ‘stadium’ would entail. We ran through the big “A” around mile 1.5, and then I saw that we were going onto the field! We ran through a tunnel that I think the carts go through and we were literally on the field at the Stadium! It was the coolest thing ever! We ran all the way around the baseline where the batters circle is and everything. Sadly I didn’t run with my camera this time, but I took pictures after the race.

Ann and I finished up and even placed in our Age Group. I won my age group, which I’m pretty surprised about. I missed them calling my name though because I was inside the stadium taking pictures.


This is the “Big A” we ran through the underneath part of it. This was also where the 1 lone water stop was along the course. It was fun to run through the “Big A” and also, it was a great weekend as the “halo” was lit up all weekend with a sweep of the Twins! The halo around the top of the A gets lit up when the Angels win!


This was the majority of the race. Around concrete barriers and around caution tape. It was very well marked and easy to follow though. Unfortunately one bummer was the fact that they didn’t have any mile markers. The course, besides being boring was pretty simple and the people on the course told us what way to go.


This was the tunnel we ran down to get onto the field. Right after we ran back to get my camera, they closed the tunnel door. Once I ran out of this tunnel and onto the field, I felt like I could take on the world! It’s such a high and I bet I would about have a heart attack if the stands were filled.


We ran the whole dirt track to the other side of the field and exited the other tunnel. It was the coolest feeling!


See where it’s roped off? That’s where we ran all the way around the field.


Ann and I after the race! Go Angels! It was the coolest thing ever to run with Ann and to run on the field.  I even wore my Angels hat during the race. I tried to channel Aron’s cool hat wearing ability.


The winning medal under the ‘ball caps’ where everyone is gathered. Sad that I missed my name, but it was still fun and I’m glad they didn’t give my medal away! Yikes!


Everyone gathering under the ball caps to hear the winners announced. It was nice after the race because it was still overcast so it didn’t get too hot quickly.

The race was overall very well organized and easy to get to. Parking was free, there was an ample supply of water and Gatorade at the end, and how many courses can you say run onto a baseball field? Pretty sweet if you ask me. Though the race was small, it was still fun and I’m glad I got to run it this weekend. Also, big shout out to Mr. R and his friend Josh who ran together and both came in around 27 minutes and broke 30 minutes! Hooray! :) My final time was 23:44 or something around there. I forgot to stop Claude.

Tomorrow I’m going to talk about my 16 miler I had yesterday, I have a lot of things to share that really helped me out and I feel like though it wasn’t too far in training, I feel like I broke through some mental and physical barriers!


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