A San Franciscy Movie

So I FINALLY figured out how to upload a video, don’t judge me. I know. I had it made for days and then I didn’t realize you had to export it to change the format. Whoops!

That is the video of all the San Francisco pictures and the few videos I had taken. It’s kind of long but I really think it’s fun and it brings back memories with all my favorite girls up there. Sniff, sniff. :) I think I will be posting more videos once I run more fun races! Like the Malibu Marathon in November, which I’m super excited about.

I got up this morning to run, turned on my tv and watched some track for inspiration and then realized it was still dark outside. Now, I am freaked out about running in the dark. I do live in a nice part of town, but I have just seen so many bad things happen, and when you run 8 miles, it’s not like you stay right out in front of your house the entire time. I just watch a little too much news, and things can happen anywhere. In the mornings there are less people out, which also worries me that if something bad does happen, less people will realize there is a problem. SO, the outcome of the story is you guessed it! I went back to sleep and had wonderful dreams of track. I will be doing 8 miles tonight and I have a good route planned out that should be less windy than running along the beach. Hopefully my run isn’t so palindromic, and more consistently fast :) Maybe! I know I might be a little paranoid about running but I’d much rather be safe than sorry. Let’s not lie, my bed was nice and warm too. :)

If you haven’t entered the Dick’s Sporting Good $100 Gift Card Giveaway, remember to go to this post and leave a comment about what you would buy. I’ve gotten some of the cutest answers like about how their son is starting T-ball and they need to get him new stuff, to one husband getting his wife new shoes because she is sexier without her bunions. I got some guys whose nipples would thank me if they win, and also someone (cough, cough, my co-worker) who asked for a $700 BOW AND ARROW. He was joking but it totally made me laugh. I will announce the winner tomorrow! Also, a new different non-running related giveaway is going to be announced tomorrow. Remember how I had my one year blog anniversary and didn’t have a giveaway? Well I’m making up for it now. I even have the great iFitness belt review next week, with perhaps a giveaway? I just saw your eyebrows perk up didn’t I!

I have this great feeling about the run tonight, which usually means one of the below will happen:

A. It’s going to be a fantastic run and I am going to have the ‘great run feeling’ affirmed

B. It’s going to suck. like SUCK.

I am hoping for the first, but two good runs in a week? Man, maybe I should buy a lotto ticket if that happens! :)


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28 Responses to A San Franciscy Movie

  1. Tara says:


  2. Marlene says:

    LOVE the slideshow/video. Have a great run tonight!

  3. PunkRockRunner says:

    Great Video!! Such an honor to be included and thanks for not showing the part when you totally left me in the dust after 400M.

  4. Billy Burger says:

    you deserve more face time ON camera instead of BEHIND it!

    Good luck on the run today.

  5. Nicole says:

    Cute video- good luck on the run tonight!

  6. Niki says:

    Great video!! I’m scared to run in the dark too:)

  7. Good luck tonight for your run! I gotta admit that your post made me sleepy… that whole going back to bed thing…


    Okay I think I just fell asleep at my desk.

  8. Definitely better to be safe!! I couldn’t handle anything happening to you! :)

  9. Morgan says:

    Bout time! I’ve been waiting for this iFitness belt review for like ever!!! Gees woman!!! :P

    Good luck on the run tonight! I’m giving you my good run vibes from this morning!

  10. Hey! I agree. It’s better to be safe than sorry if you aren’t comfortable running in the dark.

    Nice running Danica, but please don’t get sucked in by the speed dragon. More than one speedy run a week is a bit much. Just be careful not to do too much too soon.

    Happy Running!

  11. Rick says:

    Have great run tonite. The video turned out to be inspiring.

  12. aron says:

    best video ever, best race ever!!! <3 it!!!! makes me miss you :_( come back!!!

  13. Jess says:

    I’m the same way about running in the dark. Rather be safe than sorry.

  14. Alisa says:


    Hope your run is good tonight. Mine better be =).

  15. How funny that you wrote about being afraid in the dark. I’m on week 2 of morning running and I am a TOTAL WEENIE! I thought it was only me. It’s nice to get it done early, but I have to find a way to do it without thinking that around every corner lurks some crazy person who wants to attack me. :/

  16. Felice says:

    LOVING the video. Hope your run was great!

  17. ozrunner says:

    great video…what awesome memories there….have a super run tonight!

  18. Katie says:

    I LOVE the video!! It is so cool to be able to see some of the bloggers I follow (ie: you and aron) in action :)
    I have so got to learn how to do that! Hope you have a fabulous run tonight!

  19. Jen says:

    Hope the run went well!

  20. Zoe says:

    So cute! MAN! That was inspirational because you made the marathon experience look like a blast! Now I want to run and take videos… :) Thanks for sharing!

  21. OMG I love it!!! Great job! Did you use Microsoft MovieMaker or iMovie? Or something else? Seriously, awesome and made me wanna relive your weekend up here all over again! Miss you!!!

    Remember, if you’re lost, FOLLOW THE BIRD! :) Also, stay away from hot dogs.


  22. jbone66 says:

    Nice vid and summation of your SFM trip! Straight up good times for sure!

  23. Courtney says:

    Hi. I have just started running and love to read your blog for inspiration. I live in Georgia and someone was just obducted while walking. It was like 9:00 in the evening and probably not completely dark. She was talking on her cell phone at the time! Just saying, definitely better to be safe than sorry!

  24. I’m a criminal lawyer so I’m TOTALLY with you on not running in the dark!!!!

    In fact now that the sunlight hours are getting shorter I’m thinking it’s time to go back to the gym and the confines of the treadmill. :)

  25. rioruns says:

    What a great video! It makes me miss S.F- I used to visit every year when I used to live in Southern California. You are not giving yourself enough credit- you’ve gotta be pretty tech savvy to edit and post a video like that- strong work!

  26. Great video! Loved it!

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