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It’s Friday! Wahoo. We all know what that means. Pictures. :) So in honor of my wonderful weekend that will be spent at the Rodeo, I decided to post more rodeo pictures from last year, and also let you in on my favorite Rodeo activity to watch: MUTTON BUSTING! Now, let’s be real here folks, I’m not the ‘outdoorsy’ type girl. I’m not dressy and that kind of girl, I’m a jeans and a t-shirt or tank, but yes, I always am wearing make-up and yes, I couldn’t live without my hair straightener. Judge me if you must, this is a way of my life. So the rodeo, when I first went, was pretty shocking to me. It’s quite the gathering to say the least. So without any more chatter…


Wow. So let’s just discuss the first time I saw this hunting garb. Amazing. It was like I was in a different world. They litterally have jackets that have fake leaf like things hanging off of them. How can you NOT blend in? I had to put one on in the store we were at, which I think was on the way home and it was a Bass World or something like that.


This was at the actual rodeo last year. They have special ‘features’ of the rodeo each year and that year it was camel riding. The camels were CRAZY too. There was no way I was getting close to one. They were surprisingly fast too. It was entertaining but it looked like a bumpy ride on those beasts.


Now onto my favorite event! The mutton busting. Now, for those of you who are unfamiliar with mutton busting, it is when a little kid, either a boy or girl, usually under the age of 5 or 6 gets to ride a sheep. These sheep haven’t been sheered yet so they have LOTS of fluffy wool. The sheeps are put into a pen like one that a bull would come out of to buck a bullrider off and the child is placed on top of the sheep and is told to ‘hold on’ then the sheep runs out of the chute. It’s AMAZING. As you can tell there are all the parents around and the kid wears a little vest and jacket and most of the time they are raised on the farm and are fearless around the sheep. they also have the rodeo clowns around to help and it’s safe.


Usually since the sheep has so much wool, the little kid just kind of slides off to the side, and then sit there a little dazed. The sheep get to running pretty fast. It’s the best event and hopefully they do it again this year so that I can get some video of it and post it up here.


Then we have the bucking horses. Random picture, but I think it’s a pretty good picture with my crappy little camera.


Can any of you recognize this guy? Well he comes every year to the specific rodeo that I’m going to and is a favorite there. It’s WOLF from Gladiators!!! He is a rodeo clown there and is CRAZY just like on the show. He hung out with Mr. R last year for a while, since Mr. R is so big time at the rodeo and I was so nervous when he asked him if he would take a picture with me. He’s SUPER nice though and his teeth. How I love them. I hope he’s there again this year!

Have a great weekend!


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