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Why I hate Bicyclists

Perhaps that title is a little harsh, BUT, hear me out. This is my opinion and my blog so therefore I am allowed to say whatever I want and I definitely have much to say about ‘bicyclists’. Now, personally, I’m not one to hop on a bike and get my daily workout in, but there are some of you, many of you who do this option. Personally, I run. I used to think that bicyclists and myself were some what on the same playing field. You know, they’re working out and so am I. Maybe they run too, because they are training for a triathlon? I don’t know why I came to this decision, but I’ve decided that bicyclists hate me. Men and women, none the less. This doesn’t mean I’ve never ridden a bike or haven’t ridden a bike in the past years of my life, because I definitely have included some pictures in this post to prove that I to can cruise the streets on two wheels.  I’m sure you are all wondering why do you hate bikers? Well excuse my rant but here we go.

First off, the bikers I have ran by and rode my bike by are incredibly, incredibly unhappy. Maybe it’s because they had to spend so much money to get that bike, or perhaps because they can’t run so they’ve resorted to biking. I, especially when running, am happy and usually smiling. People that I pass that are walking and rollerblading and biking, I always give them the head nod, or small wave or at the very least a smile. When I smile, I show teeth, and give them a nice smile. Most people who are walking or running or blading look at me nicely and return the favor. Bikers look at me like I could have six heads and like I’m an idiot. When I first started running along the beach path around 2 years ago, I thought maybe I just always hit the same sour patch of riders. I continue to wave and smile to this day. The wave has been returned probably a total of 10 times. I run past huge packs of bikers all the time, and I get nothing. Let me tell you, that is SUPER lame, you bikers. Work on your people skills. Maybe you can’t ride without two hands on the handle bars but at least show me some teeth!


This was taken two summers ago. Don’t worry I’m not flashing people, I’m wearing a bathing suit. Yup, got my beach towel and my water bottle in my front basket. Cruising through Newport beach. How can you not wave or even smile to me?! I can’t ride without two hands, but I can ride without one, and with the other one I’m throwing up some waves!

Then we have them who HAVE to ride in packs that take up the WHOLE bike path I run on. It’s like they are playing Red Rover on bikes. Now, I understand I must share my bike path with others. I share with the bladers I mentioned earlier and walkers, and joggers like myself. I always get out of the way when I hear anyone say to the left and I stay in the special pedestrian lane, but then why do the bikers who I run by give me the cold shoulder and try to run me over? Now, this is plain out MEAN. So therefore two points for MEAN bikers and zero points for me. I pay attention to all laws regarding the beach path and streets, they should too! Unless they want me to put a stick in their spokes!

Then we have the fact that they don’t approve of my bike, Pinky the Beach Cruiser. Well folks let me tell you a little story. I’ve ridden 22 miles on a beach cruiser on hilly terrain about 15 times. My beach cruiser has a basket and you push back on the pedals for brakes. It doesn’t have gears. I don’t have a custom seat or wear special clothes. I know biking can kick your butt. My butt would be sore for DAYS. It’s hard work, I’m not knocking your sport, but don’t mock poor Pinky, or look down on me because I’m not the Lance Armstrong Wannabe.I know the hard work that goes into pedaling, beach cruising can be hard work if you are riding your bike for 22 miles round trip too. The scoffs I get from you mean bikers is not very nice! Just because I’m not cruising at a high speed doesn’t mean you can hate on me and my friends, who are following the laws of the bike lane land and friendly as well.

See I can ride my bike too!


A glorious ride along the back bay trail, in Newport Beach. This was how we rode our bikes to the beach. 22 miles round trip isn’t a joke on a beach cruiser.


I can do cool tricks too! Just becuase your bike doesn’t allow it doesn’t mean you can hate on mine!


I know bike care is hard! I have had my bike fall down these stairs on me before. But I have to take care of my bike just like you do!


See I am a friendly biker!


22 miles on this seat kind of sucks. It’s fun, but it sucks.


Look at me, this is normally the beach path I run but I’m riding my bike on it! And I’m staying to the right side and not anywhere near the pedestrian lane!

So I think that you spandex suited biking fiends need to work on being a little more friendly and your interaction with runners. Alas, these are just my thoughts.  When I run, I can hear you and your buddies yelling to each other, so I know it’s not out of your physical capacity to smile or wave at me. Even the old guys look at me like, why are you running? Sad but true. Bikers just seem so angry. I might not enjoy every run but I don’t run around with a huge scowl on my face. Happy up boys and girls!

On that note, last night I went for a run and for this post I counted how many bikers I passed. I passed 47. I waved at 47. ONE waved back and I got 1 partial smile. SEE! I have proof! Last night my run started off crappy. I tried out my 80’s fanny pack on my run to see if it would work for this weekend’s 13.1 for carrying my phone and camera. EPIC fail. I ripped a hole in the fanny packs side, but it was super entertaining. I never have gotten so many weird looks! My legs felt really heavy for the first mile but after that I felt good and besides the fanny pack bouncing around it was a great run. Tomorrow morning I hope to get up extra early and do one last trail run on the trail I ran my 13 miles on the other weekend when I had a great run. I’m suppose to meet up with a group so hopefully I don’t oversleep like last time and feel like a complete loser.

I am getting so excited about this weekend! It’s going to be a blast and I realized that I also get all my ‘California Dreamin‘ awards for doing the Long Beach, Huntington Beach and San Fran races. I get an extra medal and a jacket, I think. I’m super excited! I heard the medal is huge. It seems like so long ago that I ran my first 1/2 marathon back in Long Beach, but it hasn’t even been a year yet! Isn’t that crazy to think about? I’ve already ran a full marathon! Sheesh, I am a freak.


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