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Someboddddys Watching Meeeeee

Last night I got in a great run. It was super hot, but I was prepared for the heat and made sure I ran by some drinking fountains so I wouldn’t fry out on the pavement like a lizard in Arizona. I only ran for 5 miles, but I felt good. I have come to realize that in the heat, you must run slower, or you will not make it. It’s so much harder for me to catch my breath so I decide how to tackle the run while I’m out on the road already, I’m not running to prepare myself for the Olympics, so not killing myself is the key. This whole running thing is suppose to be FUN. If slowing down makes it more fun, then so be it, I slow down. If I feel speedy, and it’s more fun for me to do a faster paced workout, I speed up, and lay off drinking the alcohol I drank before running that makes me hallucinate and think speed workouts are fun. Just kidding, kind of.

Tonight I have a little jog planned with Mr. R. We are going to try out the trails by his new home! Well with trails I mean neighborhoods that lead to a park like area. Don’t worry I’m not going all trail runner on you guys. I will stick mostly to my pavement. I am interested to see what this 8 miler I  have planned for the weekend will hold. You see, running + the rodeo isn’t the greatest idea since I don’t know the area. I’m going to try to do a mapmyrun before I leave so I can kind of, sort of know where I’m going. The town is very interesting and I don’t know if I’ll be able to get in a nice good long run, but we’ll see. I know that CCR ( Creedence Clearwater Revival, for those who don’t know the “lingo”) is playing on Friday night as well, and we must be in attendance for that, so who knows when we’ll get home, so it might be pushed until Sunday. Don’t worry, I got some sweet pictures and more about the rodeo for Foto Friday. I’ll even let you in on my personal favorite event. MUTTON BUSTING.

On a random and funny note, here is an insight as to what I do in my spare time, when I’m not running, ravaging the fridge, or working. So we have all see the Geico commercials where the googley eyes come out of no where and the music starts. Don’t lie, you bob your head to it too. “I allllways feeeel likeee, Someeebodyssss watching mmmmmeeeeee.” Well my roommate and I  have a little obsession with this commercial. We like to watch TV and my roommate has this incredible, amazing knack of catching really strange things on TV and rewinding and watching them over and over. I’ve never seen such a thing like it and it’s quite a talent. She introduced  me KIBK, gets way funnier the more your watch it and now we quote it all the time. She has also pointed out very strange things in shows like Wipeout, The Fashion Show, and even caught ED smelling his pits on the Bachelorette this past week. Yup, he did a scent check. Totally obvious. I’ll try to get a video of it next time I am home with the DVR to show you guys. It will blow your mind.

So back to the commercial.  We like the song and we sing it rather often. Speaking of singing, we sing a lot in our place. Most of our words are not spoken to each other but instead sung. Not sung like in a wonderful harmonious tone, as I am tone deaf which prohibits me from making sweet music with my vocal cords, but mostly in an obnoxious opera type style. I sing EVERYTHING. Sometimes, I find myself doing this at work, which is inappropriate and embarrassing, so I stop myself, but at home, I am free to be an idiot.

Anyways, the other day we received a Geico advertisement in the mail, which included a little pop up of googley eyes in the middle of the flyer. I cut out the googley eyes and the ‘money’ they sit on and put them inside my roommates computer. I couldn’t stop laughing when she finally opened the computer. Thus, the googley eyes contest has begun. We began placing the googley eyes in different places for each other to find. Her computer was first, then this happened…


Cheese Drawer. Yup, the next night I hid it for her on her stuffed monkey on her bed and then found it on my computer last night. I re-hid it for her this morning and it’s in a great spot. I know it’s dumb, but it’s this kind of stuff that cracks me up. Big Time.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and remember, running is FUN, if you make it fun yourself, and that sommmeboddys watcccching youuuuuu. I’m going to answer all the Q&A’s tomorrow, so if you had a question for me, about anything, feel free to leave it on this post!


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