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Great Scott I’ve got some great finds!

So I have some random sweet links to share with you guys today that are all kind of random and mish-mashed but they are wonderful links. If you make it to the end, there’s also a book giveaway! So stay tuned.

First off, I know some of you have small really cute children out there. Believe me, I go on your blogs and I see your 400 pictures of them. It almost, almost, almost makes me perhaps consider having a child in 10 years from now. ALMOST. But a good friend of my started making headband bows which I am in LOVE with, which like your cute pictures, almost makes me want to consider maybe, one day, having kids. Without further ado,  how cute are these pictures?




She is brilliant and her stuff is SO cute. She makes the best headband bows and can make a variety of colors and designs too. She is constantly adding new stuff to her esty store, and can make customized creations, so I think you should go check it out asap. You can visit her etsy site by her shop name which is “Pint Sized Princess” or you can just click this lovely link right here or any of the pictures above! Enjoy her cute stuff!


Next up we have a wonderful link to a super cool site about a cause that might, just might get me to travel the 26.2 distance again. Sam, a guy in my ‘running club’ as I call it, is going to attempt to run a marathon a week for the year of 2010, which is 60 marathons total. Now, Sam is a speedy guy, and he knows what he’s doing when he runs a marathon. He is constantly eluded by the 3:00 mark. Anyways, his site and charity that he’s come up with is Operation Jack. He will be running all these marathons to raise funds and nationwide awareness for Train 4 Autism, a charity that works to raise money for Autism charities.

Here is a small background on Sam and how he has come up with Operation Jack:

Sam, with his wife of 10 years, Tiffany, is raising three children — Benjamin (8), Jack (5 ½) and Ava (3 ½). Jack, born September 16, 2003, was diagnosed with autism shortly after he turned 3, although he has been in constant therapy and treatment since before his second birthday. He is showing signs of progress, but has very limited speech and struggles with communication and social interaction.

After watching his son struggle day after day with his condition, Sam decided he wanted to do something to make a difference in his honor. His plan is Operation Jack. If Operation Jack succeeds, Train 4 Autism will grow and countless people living with autism — along with their relatives and friends — will benefit for years to come.

Achieving the unthinkable would be nothing new for Sam. After breaking his neck in a swimming-pool accident when he was 16, he was lucky to have use of his legs. Later, after too much eating and partying in college, his weight soared to 261 pounds. A former smoker, Sam started walking less than five years ago. Walking turned into slow jogging, and eventually, slow jogging turned into his first marathon.

Now, he’s completed 25 marathons and two ultramarathons, and has 11 Boston qualifiers and a personal-best time of 3:00:05. He knows that if he was able to work hard enough to complete this transformation, he can work hard enough to run 60 marathons in Jack’s honor. And he knows that as tough as Operation Jack might be, it’s nothing compared to the daily grind Jack suffers through as he battles the nasty neurological disorder he was born with.

You don’t have to run 60 marathons in one year to make a difference – every participant increases awareness of Train 4 Autism and there’s no contribution required. So, pick a race — there’s 60 of them — and join Sam to take part in Operation Jack!

I totally think that what Sam is doing is so amazing and such a tribute to his son. You can visit his site by clicking on this link right here. I have personally met and had the opportunity to talk with Sam and his wife Tiffany and I know that Sam will complete this goal and will raise a ton of awareness to Autism for his son, which I think is great! Go check out the site and sign up to run one of the 60 marathons with Sam! You can click on the Operation Jack picture at the top too if you wanted to go to his site that way.

Then we have my favorite English gentleman who is also my trail running guru friend, Stuart, who sometimes I refer to as the sheik runner posted some SWEET deals on his blog and they were too good not to pass along. Free Shipping and 10% off orders over $50 for a GREAT new trail running company? I want you all to check out his sweet site here.

Lastly, if you’ve made it thus far, I have a SWEET book to giveaway! This is the 50/50 Dean Karnazes Book! It’s a part of the library on wheels that you can read about here. The only thing is you can’t keep the book but must pass it along to another runner once you are done. You sign the book and can give it away on your blog just like I am doing. Now, let me tell you, be careful because this book is SUPER motivational!!! It will make you want to get out and run 100 marathons. Well, okay, maybe not THAT many, but you will want to go running after your done with it. You can find the rules for the contest on Ted’s Blog, but basically take a picture of yourself reading the book and then pass it along when you are done. Here’s my lovely picture. Of course I was reading it and finished it at the beach yesterday! Love the book! Can’t wait to pass it along to one of you. All you have to do to enter this contest is leave a comment on this post saying why you need motivation or why you want to read the book! I’ll do the random number generator to pick a winner. Good luck!


Tonight I’m going to run 4 miles and I’m looking forward to it since it will be so much cooler than last night :) YAY!


Also, if you are still having feed problems, I am working on writing up something that I will post how to work on them in the T&C’s hopefully later this week to explain how to sign up to get the feeds once I have it all figured out. Remember to delete my old feed and ‘unfollow’ my old blog if you are doing that. Then add the new feed which is THIS LINK <> So add it now! I am so sorry for the problems :(, but I am glad you are trying to stick with me! :)

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