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So back to this whole running thing.

So as I said yesterday, perhaps you may have read it, unless you immediately took my quiz because all you wanted was to win the $100 gift certificate, and therefor forgot to read the rest of the entry because you were so excited. Remember you have until Sunday to take the quiz, but you can only take it once!

So I’m slowly getting back to running. Let me tell you, sometimes, just giving yourself a break is necessary. I realized that my body was still recovering from the marathon, and then I got sick and wasn’t getting better so just taking some time to allow myself to heal was smart for me, personally. Getting back into exercising is hard, especially if you’ve taken a short break or stopped for a while.

I’d almost forgot those early morning running alarms until yesterday when I was jarred out of bed and sleepily washing my face. I had grown accustom to my warm bed and sleeping in. Once I had started going though, it felt good and I remembered how much I love running in the mornings, if I can make myself get up. Yesterday night Mr. R and I were suppose to run together but he tempted me with Taco Tuesday and I gave in, but we did walk around the outdoor mall by his house for a long time, so I figured that was better than watching TV.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to be running again, this time I have the more ‘speed work’ type workout with the tempo miles. We’ll see how fast I can get those to be, it should be interesting because I haven’t done speed work really since high school. I know I’ll need to start out with a warm-up mile though, I can never start off quick in the mornings. I have been  hearing stories about how hot it gets where some of you run, and I give you major props for being able to run in that heat and  humidity! We are still having some June gloom here in CA, so hopefully this weekend or next it will be gone.

I know running takes time, and gaining the little bit of endurance I lost won’t take that long, but I still haven’t decided about a fall full or not. I keep flip flopping back and forth with what I will do at Long Beach as well. I guess after San Diego, I never had that feeling that so many people talk about how they wanted to do another one. After I crossed the finish line, I thought to myself, “well, I did that.” It was a very weird feeling, I think maybe I thought I would have some great sense of accomplishment, or some jubilant revelation as I crossed the finish line, but I never felt anything. Don’t get me wrong, I know it was an incredible accomplishment and I am very glad that I did do it, but I think it’s hard for me to think about doing another one after the feelings I had after the first one.

Perhaps I will change my mind, and I know I will probably run another one sooner or later, but I guess the question is really when, sooner or later? I’m definitely going to see how this upcoming half goes at the end of July and base my decision on that. It took me a while to gather my thoughts of the subject of how I felt after the marathon, because it definitely was a weird and unexpected feeling I also didn’t want to post about how I felt right after the marathon because I was still gaining my thoughts and trying to put everything together. I know I had some obstacles that also happened during the race, but I honestly think that they have nothing to do with my feelings toward the overall marathon and how things ended up.

I have had people tell me that because of my racing background ( I sound like some kind of racehorse or greyhound…) that I should have tried for a different goal, and I have had the majority of people tell me that ‘finishing the first one’ is a good goal. I am still surprised that I did run a marathon, but I guess the question I continue to wrestle with is, “Is the marathon a “bucket list” thing?” or “Do you want to run another marathon?” So we’ll see. Still sorting out some thoughts in my head I guess you can say.


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