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Just around the riverbed….

Name that movie? Can you guess? POCAHONTAS! When she’s on her way to see Grandmother Willow, yup, a talking tree represented as her Grandmother. Talk about weird.

Well that is neither here nor there, so just around the riverbed for me is the fact that I’m finally starting to feel better. I don’t sound like a man when I talk and I can almost fully breath through my nose again. This means that if I’m feeling up for it, tomorrow I will begin running once again. Hopefully. You see this is how I work, I start feeling a little sick, then I keep pushing myself and pushing myself, thinking that I will just get better, but my body says, “No Way!” and then I just get sicker and sicker and then finally I have to take off work and sleep for a few days in order to feel better. Annoying right? Every time I get sick that’s what happens. So the break was needed and now I’m feeling much better.

There are more exciting things coming to chicrunner too, that I’m super excited to tell you guys about. First, remember when I did my own site, at, and then there were MAJOR issues of the site being down, problems with hosting, problems with email, problems with people not knowing that they had to add the blog spot back into the address? Yes, well this Friday, there will be a switch back to without the blog spot, and it’s going to be a brand new, amazing, exciting site, and I’m kicking off the new site with 2 SWEET giveaways.

Seriously, I’m jealous of the giveaways because I want the prizes for myself. So stay tuned, I will be linking to all sorts of wonderful things and will let you know when the new site is officially up!

To all you Texans, the lovely Mr. R is attending a conference out in San Antonio this week for work. Perhaps stalk if you see him, don’t tell him you’ve seen him online for that would forever freak him out. He is just coming around to understanding this… but I personally would find it incredibly funny if someone did spot him partying on the river walk like he’s 21 conferencing hardcore for work.

On another completely unrelated note, here is a picture that I am in love with today.

I’m catching up on every one’s weekends! Can’t wait to post a sweet review tomorrow!


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