And a return to the gym it was…

So yesterday I told y’all (yup, sometimes you just have to use that word because it’s just easier) that I would be going to the gym that evening. I haven’t been to the gym in FOREVER. I decided that when I do go to the gyms for the month of July (my get back into butt kicking shape month) that I will work a lot on my arms, and won’t just run some miles like I used too. I always used to go to the gym and run and do cardio, and then would do weights and machines but for a very limited amount of time. I wasn’t really┬á using the gym in the best possible way for myself since running is cardio and I do that MUCH more than I do weights, so going to the gym and doing cardio was pretty dumb on my part. Well, you live and learn I guess.

So yesterday I took part in the freak show that many of you refer to as the gym. I immediately was greeted by the strong odor of stinky machines, stinky boys and dirty girls. Maybe it’s just my gym but there are some real dirty girls there. The gym I go to is meat market central. Entertaining but yucky. I stuck to my plan of fore-going the dreadmill and bike, and just went straight to the weights section to build these little t-rex arms up. So I started with the row. I love the row. 3 sets of 10 doing 50 lbs. Then I did some free weights. This is where the guys are far to muscular and start to freak me out. Anyone who can lift over 75 lbs is scary. So there are guys over there doing shoulder shrugs wearing tank tops and their muscles are as big as my head. I got the 10 lbs weights and did some chest presses with them. Then I did some sit-ups with the 10 lb weight in between my feet while I was laying on the bench. Those burn. A lot. Sometimes I wish I could wear sunglasses at the gym so I could just stare at everyone.

Then it was machine time. I go over to the cable cross, quite possibly my most favorite machine. I like to do an exercise called the ‘woodchop’ on this machine. So I do one set of 10 on one side and this guy comes and stands and watches me, apparently waiting for the machine. Now these ones kick my butt and are really hard for me and work pretty much all muscles that I don’t have in my body. So I asked him if he wants to work in with me since I still have two more sets left and I like to take a mini break in the between because I feel like I could die. He said, “No, No it’s okay, I’m going to change everything up on the machine so I’ll just wait until you’re done.” Okay, now, that is very kind of him, but it’s also creepy because there he stands as I am finishing up my last two sets. Lose-lose situation here people.

Then I do calf raises, where I had forgotten that they totally ruin my shoulders and the weight pressing down on them breaks the area under the skin so now it looks like my shoulders have hickies on them, sweet. Then I did some more machines and then the delightful 20 push ups and 200 sit ups. The sit ups hurt. I haven’t done them in a while and I’m happy to be back on the fitness train. Then we have the lovely push-ups. Push-ups are really hard for me and after 15, my arms were shaking. Then I went home and watched the horribleness that was the Bachelorette. On the way home, I was pleasantly surprised with this lovely sunset though. I can’t wait until this weekend and Baby Koo’s 21st birthday! It’s going to be so much fun!


Now that I’ve made you all insanely jealous of where I reside, I will also tell you that the sunrise this morning was just as great and I did get up and run 2 miles. My arms are barely functional though. Hopefully tonight I’ll get the chance to run a few miles with Mr. R, but who knows, I could be persuaded by food. :) Thursday I have my hill workout that I am looking forward too. I will try to have my iPhone review ready for you by tomorrow. I am just going to say though that I do like it a lot, and the upgrades are pretty sweet.

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28 Responses to And a return to the gym it was…

  1. If by dirty girls at the gym you mean ones in bootie shorts and fresh make up, yes I am familiar…all too familiar…

    I am jealous of where you live. Here in Atlanta the smog is so bad we don’t see the sun ;)

  2. Jeff says:

    Dude, I’m so happy for you getting back into the gym. It’s a good thing!

  3. Kayla J. says:

    I need to get back to lifting too! You may have inspired me…maybe.

  4. Nicole says:

    sounds like you got quite the workout in at the gym! great job girl!!!

    again, so jealous of your awesome ‘home’ :)

  5. Christy says:

    Yeah, the gym I go to is really old and stinky, and all the guys there think they are the hottest things on earth, which they are very wrong. That’s awesome you got back in the gym, though!

  6. Stuart says:

    Girl you need to get on the pushrun train you’ll be sporting guns by Summer proper!

  7. Niki says:

    Yay for getting back to the gym! I’m working on that too!

  8. Mrs. Realife says:

    GORGEOUS! views!! My environment inspires me, too —

    Sorry about Mr. Creepy at the gym – ugh!

    You do A LOT in your work out! YOU GO GIRL!!

  9. Can i just tell you, that you just described the gym I go. Ugh, it’s awful! I try to go at the non-peak times to avoid the posers. But no such luck today. They were all out in full force. Bunch of weirdos I tell you. WHY do you have to get dressed up to go to the gym!? make-up? perfume? REALLY?

    drama. I tell ya

  10. txrunnergirl says:

    Love your website! I hate the gym, but they are a necessary evil. Great workout though!

  11. aron says:

    beautiful sunset!!! i miss the gym :(

  12. Yasi says:

    I hate when the meatheads stay and stare as you’re doing your workout..can’t they just find another machine to manhandle for the next few minutes? No need to form a line!

  13. lulu says:

    Oh my goodness, that’s the whole reason why I avoid the gym! It’s such a meat market!haha! Great post today. Your website is the best way to put a smile on my face when I’m sitting at my desk!

  14. Hate the gymrats. Most of them are my former students in our town… the last thing I want to hear when I’m getting my sweat on is Mrs. P? Is that you? Ugh. Go away, nerds!

  15. Stay says:

    Good job on heading to the gym and doing the weights and such. I’ve been meaning to do that and kick myself each time I don’t. You just motivated me to give a go this week. Thanks, girl!!!!

  16. Dang girl, you can whip my butt in the gym. I bet I have skinnier arms than you…haha.

    Thanks for your gym update. That way when I go there and run on the treadmill, I can just imagine what everyone else who “run” slower than I walk, are doing before/after their 15 minutes on the ‘mill.

  17. Good job on the gym work!!! And I LOVE the view on the way home pics! ;)

  18. Kim says:

    This is too cute! Love this format.

  19. CharmCityKim says:

    Yikes – I hate when people stand around waiting for a machine that I’m using!

  20. Denise says:

    I miss the gym. Haven’t joined a new one since we moved. I think we’re going to buy free weights and a bench so I can lift at home. I will miss the freak show, though.

  21. X-Country2 says:

    Gyms were only good for people watching. Meat head central for sure!

  22. Iselea says:

    Lifting weights would definitely help with the T-rex arms (btw: love that description and I will use it to describe my own wimpy arms).

  23. Beautiful sunset.

    The gym makes me nauseous. The men are so sweaty and all in tank tops (the 80′s kind) and the girls are either a) wearing makeup and spandex and not breaking a sweat on the elliptical or b) too muscular, so sweaty, and in spandex. ga-ross.

  24. Lisa says:

    Had to laugh at this post; I can so relate. I just started up at 24 Hour Fitness and it’s a total meat market. I feel so out of place there, especially in the free weights area lifting my little 12.5 lb dumbbells while the guy next to me is lifting million lb dumbbells in EACH freakin’ hand. Not kidding. When he dropped them on the floor I thought we were having an earthquake. Whatever. I need to get over that and just do my thing.

  25. smile steady says:

    Maybe I’m a little late, but I love the new look!

  26. Marlene says:

    Awesome job at the gym! I’m afraid of the weight section for all of those reasons…

  27. Yuck — what gym do you go to. Best gym in the world — the Campus Gym at San Diego State. I worked out there Summers when I was in college. Brand new and huge. HOT HOT guys. The only downside – ridiculously pretty girls who made me feel like a cow. LOl.

  28. I am jealous of where you live. I will try.

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