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Sweet little dime piece

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on the last post, since I’m still learning the links on my new computer, I did the links again here, so you can check out all 11 pictures she posted here. I am still in awe of how great they came out. Also that leads to more posts about you silly people wanting to know how I look so great…which is mind blowing, but I will let you in on my secrets soon.

So I’ve been getting some questions regarding running, how I started, what I eat, how I run etc. I wanted to address them all but that would make for much too long of a post, so I wanted to start off the week, or posts with how I started and why I run. Also what I personally do to get myself going and what I use to help me out when I run.

First off, I kind of mentioned why I came back to running in this post, where I talked about losing my mom and all sorts of emotions that running really helped me explore.

First off, I think one of the most important things when you run or are going to run is your mindset. Honestly, I don’t always want to run. Some days I do, and some days I don’t. It’s the days that I don’t want to run, and I get out there and do it, I realize how much I do love it. Running isn’t always fun, or easy, and it’s not the most favorable thing for many to do, but at the same time, it’s almost like those sayings, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey,” and “Whoever said anything worth something would be easy,” (or something along those lines) and I feel the same way about running.

I signed up for the Long Beach Half Marathon last year in July when the race was in October. I felt like I needed something to focus on in my life. I needed a ‘hobby’ of some sort. I’m not artistic, or musically talented and I did run cross country and track in high school. I do enjoy food often and I felt like I was getting unhealthy. When I graduated from college I weight 155, the highest I ever had. That wasn’t the reason I started running though, that was just an added bonus item. I had gained that much weight from drinking like a fish my junior and senior year in college, being addicted to my best friend Cheese, and eating fast food like it was my job. I didn’t look overweight but I carry most of my weight in my middle. My arms and legs stayed pretty skeletal. I was wearing a size 30 pants which I never even really realized nor was that my big issue.

Today it’s shocking to many but I still weight 136. I wear size 27-29 pants depending on the brand. Right now, I’m completely happy with my weight, and that’s what I realized has helped my running. Being happy with myself. I mostly lost my weight by stopping drinking so much alcoholic beverages and not eating fast food for every meal. Duh right? Everyone thinks I weigh much much less, or I wear a size zero, which isn’t farther from the truth. I wear a size 7-10, J.Crew, yup 10. I don’t like to think of it as a 10 though, I like to think of myself as a dime piece. Cracks me up every time.

To enjoy running, you can’t be worried about the calories burned, how fast your going, your pace, how far, but just to be able to go out and go run is something that some people cannot enjoy at all. I think the main things for beginning runners, and every runner is to realize that what you are doing and can do is special. You may not even love running, if you want to do yoga, seriously, that’s amazing because yoga to me is way more hardcore since I have the flexibility of a tree branch. Just do something that you love.

I think these things really allowed me to appreciate running, instead of going into the mindset of I hate running, I hate working out, etc. Getting up early and running isn’t a favorite thing of mine. When I groggily open my eyes and realize that I have to go out, in the cold, and run I really question my sanity, but once I’m done, I feel amazing and empowered. Give yourself a chance to have that feeling too.

Here’s what I think people need to remember when starting out running.

1. Believe in yourself, you CAN do it, you CAN run, you have to let yourself do it

2. Start running outside and enjoy the scenery around you, some of the best runs for me have been in new areas, where you can get lost in things around you

3. Don’t start out by overdoing it, you’ll just get too sore to move, hurt yourself, or hate running. Walking while running isn’t a bad thing, taking breaks isn’t bad, not everyone is a little speed demon. Take your time.

4. Do it for yourself. Try to enjoy it and relax.

5. Sign up for a race, it’s motivation that will make you run, and you might even enjoy it!

6. Not every run will be great, and not every run will be bad, take the good with the bad, running is a huge learning experience.

7. Think of the accomplishment you are making!

8. Buy really cute stuff so you feel good while running :)

Seriously, running is a mind game. You have to be stronger than your mind when it tells you that you’re too tired to keep going, that you want to quit, that this is just too far.

As for some other great runners sites check out Oz Runner, I think he’s so insightful. Runner Dude has some great advice for all types of runners, and very scientifically proved advice (unlike myself cough cough) The Happy Runner is a running mom who really inspires me as well. :)

Do it and enjoy it. Enjoy anything you do and it will bring you joy and once, maybe after you run for a while, you’ll get the ‘runner’s high’ or this euphoric state that makes you love running like all us crazy long distance runners do. I don’t keep running because I have to, but because I want to.

That was a lot of random posting in one post, but this week we’ll sort everything out, including ice baths, gus, clothes, chafing, training ect, and I’m warning you in advance, I honestly am just going off my own experiences. There are so many other great resources out there, but I’ll have some links in every post that could possibly help as well.


PS I totally forgot to add my earthquake story! So last night there was an earthquake, I was doing what I do best, creeping on face book, and my TV in my room started to shake, along with the floor. I live in an apt. building that was built in the 1920s and just looked around and thought to myself, Oh F! I *usually* run outside during any earthquake which isn’t the smartest idea, but me and my co-workers, who have also oddly enough experienced 2 earthquakes together and work in the oldest building in the city that we work in, have decided that we’d rather die trying to get out than sitting at our desks. Risky, I know. Last night though I wasn’t wearing pants ( this is a whole different story, but I’ve been asked by a police officer to put on pants… maybe one day I’ll share that one ) and couldn’t run outside! So then, for the first time EVER during an earthquake, I did what the experts tell you to do! Ran to the door frame! I stood there and my little heart felt like it was going to die. My roommate was actually out of town so I was all by myself, then it stopped shaking and I went back to my creeping, naturally. Everything was fine, even though I envisioned our walls literally cracking down our home. Too funny, and for the record, I’d take earthquakes over any other natural disaster any day of the week. Shakin’ not stirred baby!

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