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Ice baths and Training Plans and New Playlist ideas… oh my!

Many people have asked me how I figured out my first training plan for my half back in October, and even how to start running. I know many people who have had a lot of success with the Couch to 5k plan for beginners, you can find the plans here, here, or here.I really believe that one of the most important aspects of starting out running is to take everything slowly. If you start running and feel great and think that it’s time to ditch the plan, don’t. Give the plan a chance, and though sometimes it may seem easy, it just means you are improving! Give yourself a chance, and allow yourself the opportunity to succeed.Whenever signing up for a race, remember, every distance is an automatic pr or personal record. ENJOY your training! Realize what you are doing and how great it is, no matter the distance or time run. When I started, I didn’t think I could actually run 13 miles. The most I usually was running at the time was only 3 miles. Imagine my surprise when I was getting into the longer distances. You have to not be scared of the distance and improving either. Once I signed up, the race motivated me to get out there and complete my training runs, whether they were for 2 miles or 10 miles.

It sounds funny, but remember to breath and just go at your own pace. You are doing it for yourself and if that means 20 minute miles or 6 minute miles, focus on yourself. If you have to stop and catch your breath, do it! Don’t think that because you have to go ‘run’ a mile, means you have to run the whole time, do things in your own comfort level. If you are tired, slow down, I do it. It’s not a big deal. Sometimes I feel fast and can run 8 minute miles, sometimes I feel bad and I run 15 minute miles and walk and look around, it’s YOUR thing, no one elses.Each mile you have to take one at a time, usually my first mile is much slower than the rest of the workout, but each mile is different. You have to be able to listen to your body and also don’t stop and don’t give up. For me, especially on the longer runs, I ALWAYS break my run into smaller runs. When I first started, I looked at every distance as a mile. If I ran 2 miles, I thought to myself, one mile out and then one mile back home, then I’m done. Then each distance grew and I made them into 5ks and then 10ks. I knew I could run a 5k, I told myself it was only 1.5 mile out and 1.5 mile back. Even in the longer distances, I always count backwards. If I’m feeling bad, I just think okay, just keep running to that sign, okay now to the next sign, now to that building. You realize you can keep going. I cannot say it enough, but Believe that you can do it.

As for some other training plans, for my first half, I followed a training plan loosely based on this article from Runners World, there are a lot of great resources on that website for training, workouts and everything, but remember, the most important thing is to do it for yourself, and to listen to your body.
Now onto my most hated, the ice bath. I personally dislike being cold and the ice bath is NOT my favorite thing to do, but I do have to admit, it does help me a lot. Each person is different though. I only do ice baths after a long run, which to me, now is anything over 10 miles, just because I know it will help me feel better. I usually fill my tub and then sit in it for 10 minutes. While I’m in the ice bath, I make sure that I move my ankles a lot. Up and down, back and forth in circles, and I make sure I move my toes a lot too. Those parts of my feet get really sore, and it feels so good to move them around and I feel like it makes them much less sore the next day.

Here are some sweet links to check out about ice baths: Ice Bath Therapy, How To Ice Bath, another bloggers ice bath, Post Run Ice Baths, A HOW TO VIDEO. First off the video is HILARIOUS, but the related videos, be aware don’t know what those are about, so be aware. I usually sit in there in my swimsuit bottoms and have my phone to distract me or listen to music. The first few minutes are pretty bad, no joke, but then you kind of ‘get used to it’ and you can handle it. Plus, reminding yourself how far you just ran and that you can TOTALLY do this, helps too :)

Now, some new jams you ask for?
Well, let me tell you, there are some great running jams out there right now. Also my friend Bama Belle helped me find some sweet jams too!
Faded by Cascada
Turn my Swag On by Soulja Boy (has a good beat)
Welcome to the World by Kevin Rudolf (another great super upbeat song)
Knock you Down by Keri Hilson (LOVE this song always gets me moving best line is “I’m the new slick rick”, for some reason I love that line, and they say, “It feels like I’m running a race, but I’ve already won first place! Yes! Running references!)
Waking up in Vegas by Katy Perry (first time I heard this song I didn’t like it, but now I love it!)
Lovegame by Lady GaGa (kind of a crazy song but I still like it)
Goodbye by Kristinia Debarge (Love the beat!)
I’m the Ish (Remix) by DJ Class (totally have to give props to Tara for this one! :) )
A Punk by Vampire Weekend (it makes my head bob around)
We Run LA by Ya Boy (How can you NOT Run to this song?!)
Beggin by Madcon (like the song, once it speeds up)


Do what you do by Marz ft. Pack and Mumiez

I am obsessed with this song. It’s perfect for running because it has a beat in the back that makes you keep going and it’s HILARIOUS because it’s the song from the Kia Hamster commercial that me and my roommate are obsessed with. If you are listening to it on your run just think of the cute little hamsters bobbing their heads and you will seriously laugh out loud to yourself. I don’t even like hamsters and I think it’s cute. Check out the Commerical here. Our favorite part is the hamster in the backseat who just taps his fingers, and I love when they smile at the camera out the window. You smart people at Kia! Soon you’ll be thinking: Front, back, side to side, Front, Front, back, back, side to side.

and normal not running person side note: though not the best running song, I do love the Fray’s cover of Heartless, if you haven’t heard it yet, find it on youtube, it’s great!

Here are some more sweet running blogs to check out JoyRun, who is super cute and I love her site, Nitmos is super smart and has a lot of insight, Vanilla crosses the line in so many ways possible and is hilarious, but sometimes his jokes go over my head, ha ha, and the Running Laminator who is great in real world experiences, he’s fast and an inspiration to me as well!

Tomorrow we’ll tackle some topics like chafing and GUS ha ha ha, yes!


PS Watched the Bachelorette last night. (obviously) WOW, not so impressed with that many guys on the show… but seriously, there are more tool sheds on that show that found in an ace hardware, and I’m sad that my hometown the LBC was badly represented. :( Fail ABC. I did notice there were a TON of guys from So. Cal and Texas? hmmm, a bunch of single desperate men in these parts? Weird. Still, I’m obsessed with Jillian and can’t wait till next week. Dancing with the Stars fans, get over Melissa, if she wins I will be sourly disappointed. She’s a cheerleader. She dances like a cheerleader. Her finale dance was sadly awful and I expected much more from her. What am I, a tv critic? Rant over.

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