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Inappropriate but hilarious. So as many of you know, this weekend I am running the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon. It’s going to be a blast for all the events that lead up to it, including the blogger meet up, the girls I’m staying with, I just know it will be so fun and exciting. I’m already glad that I chose a “big” marathon for my first, so I’ll always have people to run with and stalk.

I’m starting in corral 7, and my race number is 7376. I feel like it’s a good number. There’s a lot of lucky number 7’s in there. Well my lucky number is 6, but 7 is the ultimate lucky number, so therefore that is what I’ve made myself believe.

My biggest goal for this race is to finish. I know everyone says that that really isn’t a ‘goal’ because obviously I am going to finish the race, but at the same time, a lot of crazy things can happen over 26.2 miles. I also don’t want to focus so much on my pace, time, and all the aspects that I didn’t really work on that much during my training to not soak in my first marathon experience.

Every ‘race’ I’ve ever ran, I’ve always raced them. I think I learned that in high school when I ran competitively and was much faster than I am now. Even if I tell myself I’m not going too, I find my heart beating and my body tense at the starting line and I always give it my all. For this race though, I have to keep telling myself, it’s not a race, it’s a marathon. They don’t call it a race for a reason. I know if I race the marathon I will be upset with myself and I’ll miss a lot of the fun ‘firsts’, plus, I can always run more if I decide too.

I’ve decided to break down my goals with A, B and C goals, but first and foremost it is to finish, enjoy the race and soak up everything going around me, and what an accomplishment even running a marathon is.

My A Goal is to finish in between 4-4:30. This would be a decent pace for me, and I think it’s possible if everything is going right for me. This includes no crying, no crazy bathroom breaks, no walking, not really any stopping at all. I can run 20 miles in 3:15, so we’ll see how things go race day.

My B Goal is to finish in between 4:30-5:00. This is more than attainable for me, pending anything absurd happening to me, but I guess you can’t rule out everything going perfectly

My C goal is to finish in between 5-5:30. This again shouldn’t be a problem, but pending I break my leg or get trampled we could have some issues.

These goals are all easily within my reach, but I know I will have to pay attention to my body and listen to what is happening on those last miles. I definitely know I will have the mentality of, well I ran 20 miles, what’s 6 more?! I also wanted to give myself goals that I know I can achieve because I would be really upset if I didn’t make my goals.

So what’s more important than goals? Outfits of course. So I didn’t know what was wrong with me because usually I can spend money like it’s my full time job, but I just couldn’t find the perfect racing top for this race.

I narrowed it down to two shirts, and will make a game time decision as to what one I will wear.

No matter what I will be wearing my Nike Spandex Shorts and my Zensah pink sports bra but I cannot decide in between the purple top or the Nike blue top. I know the purple top is new but don’t worry, I wore it around under a shirt for a day to see if I would chafe and I didn’t. I’m a freak I know. I like the blue shirt a lot too. So many decision. I know it will depend on how I feel that morning and what I want to run in. You may actually recognize the shorts and tank though, they are the same ones I wrote when I shot some sweet pictures with Kymberli

So it’s this weekend. On Monday, I will be able to say for the rest of my life, yes, I have run a marathon. Have run? That sounds pretty crazy. I am excited, nervous and I’m pretty sure I might cry tonight while packing my bag for San Diego tomorrow.

Perhaps I might post something tomorrow evening, before I go to bed, depending on what I am feeling, but I’m so thankful for all the encouragement, support and kind words over this whole training period. It’s weird because after this race, I have this weird feeling that I don’t even know what I’ll blog about. Well I’m sure I can always find something somewhat random and interesting in my life to entertain you with, but it’s just like it’s all accumulated to these upcoming moments. I am so overwhelmed by so many crazy feelings but it’s a huge adrenaline rush! I can’t wait to write up a super long race report. I think I might have to do it in segments over the next week because I know I’ll take a billion pictures and then we have 26.2 miles of coverage. I’ll try to leave out any poopy details. :)

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you at the finish line!


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