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So I got some products from Zensah right before I got sick but I was excited to try them out and had to wait an incredibly long time to do so. I got a pink sports bra, some pink arm warmers, a pink running skirt and some compression socks. I decided to run in the sports bra and use the arm warmers this weekend for my extended long run/race.

I am VERY picky about sports bras, so I was skeptical this one would be tight enough, hold everything together and not chafe. I am right inbetween a 34B/C so smalls are WAY too tight and mediums usually fit okay, but sometimes they squeeze the fat on my underarms which doesn’t look very chic. For some reason I also chafe like a snake shedding it’s skin on my long runs.

Then the arm warmers… The first person I ever saw wearing them was LA Runner and I wondered what in the HECK they were used for. After a while it dawned on me but I still didn’t see the need for them at all, or if they would even work, plus I thought I would look like an idiot with them on. I thought the same thing about my hydration belt and now I have one and love it. Little did I know that the arm warmers would be amazing. I even saw a few comments yesterday wondering what I was doing with them. I agree, it’s weird, but wait till you hear about them.

The sports bra is seriously great. I like my sports bras unusually tight and this one fit nice and snug but wasn’t suffocating. I even noticed it holding everything together at all the right times. That’s right, I checked myself out in the buildings I ran by and saw that I wasn’t all over the place. It wasn’t too tight to wreck with my breathing and I felt very, shall we say, supported, at ALL times, which is nice. Sometimes when it’s too hot my sports bras get damp with sweat and this was not the case at all. It stayed dry and the material was VERY comfortable. I was really surprised with what a difference this sports bra made. I wore it for a very long run too, 16 miles, and it held up great.

Another great thing about the sports bra was that there was absolutely no sign of chafing at all. I usually have some kind of chafing in a ring around chest from the top of the sports bra and also underneath the sports bra. I had absolutely no sign of either spots chafing. I was comfortable, not to warm and I even ran without a shirt for 2 miles and felt great, not like I was giving a free show to those around me. It was a great support sports bra and fit really well. I totally would recommend them, and they have a cool colors on their site.

Secondly the arm warmers. I was very VERY skeptical that these things were worth basically anything. They are fairly expensive and I just couldn’t see myself buying something without getting to try it out first. I didn’t even know the true need for these. I didn’t know what to expect or how warm they would keep me, anything. I slipped them on over my arms before I left and they were at least very comfortable on. I didn’t know what to expect once I went outside. It was pretty cool out, and I did want to wear a long sleeve shirt but I HATE having to tie it around my waist, neck or whatever I can, once I get warm after running for ten minutes. The sleeves are simply AMAZING. I was shocked how great they worked. My arms felt warm the entire time and they are the perfect length so that Claude doesn’t hit my wrist bone either. They are breathable, and felt like nothing was even on my arms but they kept me the perfect temperature.


Even when it got a little warmer, they were so comfy I just left them on. I wore them for all of my 16 mile run and never felt more comfortable in my life. I wasn’t too hot or too cold and they worked out great. I would totally recommend them to anyone who goes out for a run and doesn’t want to get cold. Seriously, I was really skeptical, but now that I’ve tried them I know I’ll be using these instead of long sleeved shirts that just overheat me. Plus, they make you look WAY MORE HARDCORE!


There is a section that got cut off that said that it was really easy to bend and move my arm in because my other arm is bent. And I totally realize that I spelled hight instead of high. FAIL big time, but I am not going back into photoshop (though my skills are obviously amazing) to fix it. You get the point, they go up high.

Though Zensah’s products are a bit more on the pricey side, I totally think they are worth it. Arm warmers are a great way to stay warm and not have to haul a bunch of crap with you on your run. Also you can slip stuff inside them and keep it there, like a key. They never bunched or even moved when I ran, moved or anything. They were not to tight or sufficating either, which was great. When you do get hot, you can just push them down around your wrists and they don’t even bother you. Give them a try! Thanks again to Zensah who allowed me to try out the arm warmers and made me a follower! I can’t wait to wear them in the summer months on longer runs with a tank top!
I am so busy getting ready for Hawaii that my running is suffering. I only went for a little 3 mile jog yesterday and we’ll see what I can fit in tonight inbetween laundry and packing! Get ready for tomorrow, when I announce the winner of the $100 giveaway, and have Deal Thursday! :)
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