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Take me out to the ball game…

It’s my favorite time of year, it’s time…… FOR BASEBALL!!!!

So I’m a huge Anaheim Angel’s Fan, forget the Anaheim Angels of Los Angles per Orange County or whatever stupid title they officially are, and yes I loathe the Dodgers. Mr. R loves the Giants, booooo!!! but will go with me to games because what else is he going to do, deny free baseball game tickets?? He’s becoming an Angel lover, slowly… we are working on it :) Anyways, games are starting this weekend. I am so excited. For today’s photo Friday (per the wonderful nike mom!!) I wanted to post some pictures at the games that I went to last year. I love going to the games, they are spectacular and always super fun.

Free Fleece Night!
This is my best friend Lobster. :) She is in Europe playing professional volleyball right now, but she is coming home soon!
Bunch of my friends from college. Gosh that makes me sound super old. They are all volleyball players. I’m not short, I’m 5’7″, they are just super tall!
A crazy fight broke out last year, it was exciting!
Fourth of July they had an amazing flag that spread almost the entire field!
Then I cut bangs in October. STUPID.
We even got to go to a playoffs game. When they lost after coming back. Bad Angeles!
Go Angels! I love the Angels even if they stink, they are still, and always will be, my ‘home team’.

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Also, ADOPTION APRIL STARTS ON MONDAY!!! Here’s the post that explains what each Monday will entail and look for the post on Monday to talk about why I was adopted in the first place.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I’m looking forward to running to my 10k, running the 10k, and then running back home for my long run this weekend. I’m not giving myself any goals because I don’t want to get upset with myself. (me, uber competitive? noooo!) Plus it’s for a long run, not a time goal! I’ll still write a race report/long run recap on Tuesday of next week. In one week I’ll be flying to Hawaii! Relaxation, here I come.


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