I love me some race photos

Wow, why do race photos always come out horrible? Does everyone else experience this?

I know it might possibly be because you are out of breath, hurling your body towards the finish line, sweating, and wearing ‘running clothes’, but man, I really need to smile more, and not look like I’m ready to die. These are the pictures from the last race I ran, the Seal Beach 10k. Notice the super cool Zensah armwarmers too, that I never had to adjust and they never moved!


I think this was at the beginning of the race, maybe? And why does my leg look so weird?

If these don’t make you laugh… then I don’t know what will…
I am always looking down when I run, I don’t know why!’
Hooooooray! A half decent one! Yes! Now let me order it for $500 dollars, not!
This last one looks like my foot is going THUD. ha ha.

Does anyone else think race pictures are a total rip off? I mean, I could have a spectator go there, take pictures of me and I wouldn’t look like I was going to throw up in all of them. Have any of you bought the pictures?

It would be great to start a company and charge minimally for the prints, or even for the file. I’ve never personally bought any but maybe for my San Diego Full Marathon I will.


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  1. skinnyrunner.com says:

    your pictures are WAY cuter than any of mine ever are.
    yeah they are way overpriced and what do you do with them? frame them and hang them on the fireplace mantel? no thanks.

  2. Megan says:

    I think you look fabulous!

    Haha! In the first picture you look great but the 2 men behind you look like they’re about to drop dead.

  3. massage momma says:

    I agree, your pictures are way better than mine. I just looked at my pictures from my half-marathon a few weeks ago and I seriously look like I’m going to kill someone! It’s horrible! I’ve never ordered any.

    I also always look down when I run. I’ll catch myself doing it and try to look up, but I always end up looking back down. Maybe I don’t want to trip.

  4. http://gokristen.wordpress.com says:

    OMG TOTALLY have the picture problem! My last ones were brutal!

    Sometimes it is hard to see the photogs…I did one race where they all wore these bright blue vests…so I knew what I was looking for…so the pics came out ok but when they sneak up on you it’s like they want a bad pic.
    And yes, they are too expensive…I wonder how they make money sometimes.

  5. runningcommentaries says:

    I feel you! I always look soooo weird in mine or, they don’t catch me at all! I did buy a couple from my first full marathon and you should too. You only do your first full once and you should definitely remember it!

  6. RunToFinish says:

    ok those are good pics! I found one recently that I really loved.. and yah the watermark was directly across my face POOOOP

  7. Nicole says:

    I think you look great! However, they do take aweful pictures at races! They are way over priced and i think thats stupid. I bought a pic from my indy 1/2 last year. To be honest, i dont know where it is. Total waste of money, but i guess i could make a running scrapbook?!?

  8. NY Wolve says:

    I have learned that there are no running pictures in which I like my look. I always have this self-image that I am chugging along, grinding, saving, like an Olympian. And then I get the pictures and uniformly I look winded, tired and not very gazelle-like. Oh well. I prefer my mental image rather than a random snapshot from a race.

  9. PunkRockRunner says:

    The “official” photos are a total rip off and I try to only order them if it’s a special race. They should really consider lowering the price if you download the files.

    Great photos!

  10. Allie says:

    I have bought one race photo..it was my very first race. I have not bought one since. I just had to have my first race photo though!!

  11. Tara Gibson says:

    you look great girl! i can only imagine what they try to charge you for them!

  12. ilovesteaks says:

    I’ve bought a few. They’re pretty good quality. You’re not supposed to look good in racing pictures. If you do, you’re not running hard enough! :D I don’t think I’ll buy anymore unless it’s the Boston marathon.

  13. The Reality of Happily Ever After says:

    I’m guessing race photos cost as much as Amusement Park photos? Like who can’t take a picture in front of the Disney Castle with their own camera :)

    Great pics!

  14. Good Gals Inc says:

    You kidding me!!! yOu look amazing!! You’re not even breaking a sweat!! I love the arm things and your running skirt! Always in fashion while running!

  15. unathleticrunner says:

    I love the running skirt. I had one I occasionally wore last year but never raced in, then I shrank it! YOu can only imagine!

  16. D10 says:

    You look awesome compared to mine. I look like I am either going to pass out or like I am being interrogated.

  17. Lacey Nicole says:

    it’s true i’ve never ever considered buying a photo… i think these are pretty good tho!!!

  18. Susan says:

    At least you pull off a running skirt really well! They just look weird on me.

    The pictures are definitely overpriced, but my mom likes to buy them for me for Christmas. (From marathons, not shorter races.) They’re cute because they’re all framed and have the logo and usually pictures that represent the marathon. (Like me running past the Capitol Building in DC during Marine Corps.) But that doesn’t mean I look super in any of them…

  19. J.J. says:

    Yeah, but the skirt looks cool. I need me one of them to run in and look cool. :)

  20. Vava says:

    Yeah, absolute ripoff. At least you don’t seem to run with the perpetual double thumbs-up like me! Nice legs too – nothing weird there in my opinion.

  21. Tania says:

    Ok the first picture is hilarious, not because of your expression. Look at everybody else behind you! I was laughing because that would be me!

    That would be awesome if somebody could start a race photo company and offer pictures at a reasonable price!

  22. jlc says:

    Ok I have no idea what you’re talking about cause u look beautiful in every single one of them! Oh and I have a quick question what do u do for a stiff knee after an 8 mile run? It hurt for two days so I just took it easy. Any tips?

  23. Christy says:

    I will never buy a race photo. WAY overpriced, and the photography isn’t usually that great either.

    And you’re pictures are great compared to the ones taken of me…

  24. rinus says:

    Nice pics and you looks good.

  25. ~Mrs. Guru~ says:

    Fun photos!

  26. P.O.M. says:

    I never buy any of those pics – even the marathon ones. But your’s look great.

  27. N.D. says:

    haha i think your pics look great! the first one looks like you are ripped!! I buy them for marathons sometimes for my shadow box-you have a point though!!!

  28. kristen says:

    Your leg looks weird? Girl those are awesome muscles. That’s hot!!

    You look way better than I do in my race fotos. I agree, total ripoff.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I am so jealous that farm is great

  30. Jamie says:

    Whatever! Your pics are super cute! I need some of your motivation mojo!!!!!

  31. Mrs. G.I Joe says:

    Well hey:) I’m sure you get this all the time, but I’m an aspiring runner and am trying to sorround myself with fellow/motivated/astblished runners:p You look great in your photos by! I know I don’t look half that good when I’m tired:p BTW, found your blog from Army, Alaska, Life and added myself as a fallower:p Feel free to say hello sometime!

  32. Wearing Mascara says:

    Hahahaha I totally know what you mean – esp after my 10 miler!!!! The photos were TERRIBLE except for MAYBE one. I like the ones before and after better I suppose…

  33. joyRuN says:

    Eh – you still look good :)

  34. J says:

    i agree about the photos being a rip off! thats why I just have B-Rabbit bring his camera and get photos! So much easier!

  35. Lauren says:

    I think you look great, the people behind you look hilarious, I love the one of the guy who looked like he was doing to cry. Good times

  36. aron says:

    lol i have so many “thud” pictures… its just us getting ready to power ourselves off the ground!

  37. Emily says:

    Hello – your leg doesn’t look weird, it looks great. Awesome muscle shot!

  38. roxxy26 says:

    LOL!!! I love the 1st one. My pics always look funky…i have had like one good one. Omg the thud comment…hahah! You are awesome!

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