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I love me some race photos

Wow, why do race photos always come out horrible? Does everyone else experience this?

I know it might possibly be because you are out of breath, hurling your body towards the finish line, sweating, and wearing ‘running clothes’, but man, I really need to smile more, and not look like I’m ready to die. These are the pictures from the last race I ran, the Seal Beach 10k. Notice the super cool Zensah armwarmers too, that I never had to adjust and they never moved!


I think this was at the beginning of the race, maybe? And why does my leg look so weird?

If these don’t make you laugh… then I don’t know what will…
I am always looking down when I run, I don’t know why!’
Hooooooray! A half decent one! Yes! Now let me order it for $500 dollars, not!
This last one looks like my foot is going THUD. ha ha.

Does anyone else think race pictures are a total rip off? I mean, I could have a spectator go there, take pictures of me and I wouldn’t look like I was going to throw up in all of them. Have any of you bought the pictures?

It would be great to start a company and charge minimally for the prints, or even for the file. I’ve never personally bought any but maybe for my San Diego Full Marathon I will.


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