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Hawaii pt. 2

So more glorious pictures for you to be jealous of. Grab a coke zero


After Waimea Canyon, we saw the spouting horn. It’s a blowhole that makes a lot of noise and it spouts water. Pretty sick. We watched it for ten minutes and then decided getting sun was more important.


This little guy was chillin’ on the beach! :) Monk seals are known to go to the shore after a feeding and they rest there. Don’t worry he’s NOT DEAD. They state of Hawaii is very protective of them and have someone guard them and they are also roped off so they will be ‘safe’. They put up signs like this one too.


Don’t worry he’s living the life.

The next day we went to the spa and got a massage. Ahhhhh. Then we decided to walk down to a beach by our hotel. Nothing really where we were staying was ‘close’ to the beach and a lot of beaches take a steep downhill to get there and a steep uphill to get back.


Yea, not so dangerous? It was a nice beach with barely anyone on it.

That night we also went to Postcards Cafe.


This is hideaways beach, you have to hike down 191 stairs/muddy rocks that are disguised as stairs to get there. Luckily there is a rope like thing to hold on too.

After Hideaways we drove to another beach, that had a little river that you had to cross to get to the beach.


It was kind of cold in the afternoon on this day and I was burning. I was stupid and didn’t put any sunscreen on my legs the day before thinking they already had some color. I forgot I’m not 10 anymore and burned crazy lines on my legs. Giant Fail. Luckily the next day I was fine after slathering aloe on them.

The next day we went to another beach, called Tunnels. It’s known for great snorkeling and Mr. R got some snorkel stuff. I am not one to snorkel. I hate when the fish get close, it freaks me out. He said he saw a turtle.

This was a picture taken on the way to Tunnels. See what I mean about being so green and lush?


Sadly, this was also the day we left to come back home. We checked out and got ready to come back to the ‘mainland’. Before leaving though, we stopped in over by the airport/harbor and got some delicious dinner at Dukes restaurant.

Other than that… The trip was simply amazing. I got some fat cold sores from spending a little too much time with my 2nd lover, the sun, which stinks now, but oh well it was more than worth it. We flew back on a red eye on Friday morning and then Friday night was KAYVMANIA. One of my roommates little brother’s best friends (I know him because we went to Hawaii together and we are kind of close in age) turned 21. He rented out the BigRedBus and we rode around in it and it took us to four different bars. I didn’t drink much but when I did it was keystone because that was free on the bus. So classy.


Me and the best friend, yup, we are wearing matching shirts for the party.


Party till you pass out. What am I? 15? Hilarious none the less and though I was tired it was a great time.

So that sums up my trip and last weekend.

Last night was wonderful. We decided on the counter and it was great food and the Angels finally got out of the losing slump. Mr. R got me the newest coach breast cancer awareness keychain, which is too cute. Tonight I’m going to get in some miles after work and I hope it cools down soon. Right now I’m really craving a cupcake or some Redbull. Perhaps a lot of sugar free Redbull.

Tomorrow = deals coming your way.


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