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You ask for it, you got it!

you heard right and no, this isn’t an April fools joke….

Okay, enough of me acting like I’m at the circus and working for peanuts. This giveaway is for runners and non-runners alike. The wonderful and very generous Online Shoes contacted me to give away a $100 GIFT CERTIFICATE to their site to one lucky commenter. Wild, I know. Generous, I know. They have super great stuff for all occasions including heels, flip-flops and running shoes. Even better is that they have running clothes as well. The site is easy to navigate and with that much selection a girl can get in trouble!
I personally have shopped on Online Shoes, and they had superb customer service, easy transactions and great prices. With FREE SHIPPING and a 90 day return policy, how can you go wrong? I am a SUCKER for free shipping! All a super bonus to their sweet selection of shoes. They even have a pretty cool new section dedicated to New Balance Shoes, which I know some of you swear by. They have Uggs, Seychelles, Franco Sarto, Adidas… tons of great brands, so first off check them out.
Secondly, to ENTER THE GIVEAWAY…. Leave a comment with what shoes you would get with your gift certificate for $100… I know I’m making you work just a little bit, BUT it’s because it’s for ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS.
My comment would say, “Chic Runner would get these sweet Clark Wedges in black, because not all my shoes need to be running shoes (and I have a sick obsession with wedges) “
Easy as me getting McDonalds for lunch yesterday, so enter away! Also, playing by the rules of most giveaways there are more ways to get more entries. If you want TWO entries and are not yet a follower, you can become a follower by clicking on the stalk me follow button on the right side (if you already are, or choose to become one, just put that in your comment so I can take note) and for THREE entries, post something about this giveaway on your blog and I’ll enter you three times. (leave that in the comment too)
Sadly, this giveaway is only available to US Residents. (next time all you Canadians, eh?) Also, if you are picked by the random number generator that I love, you will have to give me your email address and real first and last name. Don’t worry I won’t spam you or steal your identity.
Good luck to everyone!
Now onto a completely unrelated giveaway topic of my life, I got the opportunity to go to the House of Blues Anaheim to check out The Lost Trailers and Luke Bryan. I am not a hardcore country follower… but I do like the music and man, both these bands were GREAT. I really like the Lost Trailers new song, How ’bout You Don’t. You should check them out, they are really a fun band. I had randomly met a guy from the Lost Trailers and he got Mr. R and I tickets to the show and I am forever thankful to him. It was amazing and so cool to see him live. It’s weird to see so many girls screaming for them. Secondly, LUKE BRYAN I have a crush. Holy Moly, I must need to look at guys more often because DANG. Okay, I’m off that topic now. Thanks again Stokes and the Lost Trailers for a great show!

Finally tonight I am going to go for a short little four miler to see how I feel. I hope the cold is behind me and I won’t be hacking up a lung out on my run, and I know that easing myself back into running will be the best thing for me. Tomorrow I’ll have some sweet deals so keep your eyes peeled for those…. now, comment away!!


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