What do you name a new baby?

So obviously I’ve never had the opportunity to name a new child, since I’ve never had a child. I named my cat when I was 5. I named her Whisker Silly. Imagine going to the vet and having to go in the room after ‘Whisker Silly’ was called. Sadly, Whisker died my senior year. Rip Whisks. Then we move onto my dog. I have named a dog before, my dog Cassie, which I named after my favorite food, casseroles. Sadly, I named her my junior year of high school, so I can’t blame her name on any lapse of knowledge, but her name fits her well. Unfortunately she can’t live with me at our house, so she lives with my dad and our other dog named Cody, which I SWEAR I named but my brother claims that he named. Lies I tell you.So I have been told that you must name your Garmin. I feel that I definitely agree. I have decided in between a few names and wanted to have you guys help me to decide!


When the little child came to mama yesterday! 

I think the name Claude reminds me of a little crab that would run fast. The name Marvin just kind of makes me laugh. I like the name Thor because it sounds powerful and I also like the name Hermes because it sounds so classy, and he was the Greek god of Travel. So many options! Here are some other pictures of the child if you would like to take a good look before picking a name


This morning I ran 4 miles with the Garmin and it really is amazing. Though I never found an in depth review out there, I always had heard only great things about Garmins and I am too now a follower. I will post a much more in depth review next week with pictures and in detailed explanations because I would love to share that with you guys like I did for the hatphones.

There is one small problem that I have encountered with the Garmin thus far though. I have very small wrists and they are very bony. Weird, but true and this means that I have to pull the Garmin almost to the last notch. If I had regular sized wrists I feel that it would sit in the right place on my wrist and be able to stay there. Since my wrists are so small it rubs against the bone that I have there. The only idea I’ve had thus far is too wear a sweatband type wristband underneath because after only four miles the little bone was a little bruised and almost rubbed raw. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem.

I hope to run another 4 miles with Mr. R tonight to show him how amazing it is, and then maybe he’ll realize that it’s worth the $$$ and won’t be so mad. :) I did 150 sit ups this morning and will the remaining tonight along with my push-ups. I hope everyone has a great St. Patrick’s Day! Some co-workers and I are going to go to lunch and drink some green beer, which I’ve never had. Perhaps I’ll share some pictures tomorrow.

Remember to vote!!

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77 Responses to What do you name a new baby?

  1. the gazelle says:

    my garmin has a velcro band, which is helpful for my skinny wrists – maybe there’s a way to switch out the band for something like that?

  2. Amanda says:

    I hope you get something worked out for your wrist. I voted for Thor:)

  3. X-Country2 says:

    Love the nails, btw!

    I voted for Hermes, but only if you pronounce it Her-mees. :o)

  4. Bootchez says:

    I voted for Marvin . . .

    I also have the small wrist problem. The other day I ordered the velcro wrist strap ( http://www.amazon.com/Garmin-010-10889-00-Forerunner-Quick-Release/dp/B000ONDECY/ref=pd_bbs_sr_3?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1237311179&sr=8-3 ), which also allows for mounting on your bike, and I'm hoping that does the trick. Meanwhile, I've worn it over a cloth wristband and that's been very comfortable. Have fun with your new toy, and don't be surprised when it lies to you, too! ;)

  5. Marcy says:

    I have small wrists as well but never had the bruising probs. I’m with Bootchez, get the Velcro strap!

    Now I’m off to vote . . .

  6. Run Saraaah says:

    Thanks for the quick review! I have weirdly bony/small wrists so that would be a problem for me too.

  7. Tara says:

    I had this problem at 1st, but I’ve been putting body glide on my wrist area and the bony part and it seems to help alot…also I undid it one notch so that it could move a tiny bit that way it wasn’t rubbing.

  8. Allie says:

    I can’t wait to hear your review! I have been thinking about getting one myself…I also have very small, bony wrists. I think the sweatband is a good idea.

    Thor is my choice!

  9. Lauren says:

    Mine’s name is Jimi (as in Hendrix). The bike cadence sensor is named Janis (as in Joplin). Of course, my bike’s name is Johnny Cash. *shrug*

    I have issue with the strap too. UNTIL! http://www.rei.com/product/761149

    Greatest. Garmin. Accessory. I don’t even know where those plastic ‘normal straps are anymore. LOL

  10. Julie says:

    Dont you just love it?! I cant imagine how I ever ran so long without one. And I swear, it seems to make the miles tick by faster. I’m going to go run 8 with my Mr. Garmin (thats as creative as I got with the naming!) this afternoon so that I can justify a few green beers tonight :)

  11. Hi! I'm Erin says:

    I like both Claude and Hermes! Can I vote for both? Not that that will help you decide.

    I haven’t named my Garmin. I have the 405 but it is nameless. Perhaps I should rethink that?

    As for the wrist-rubbing, one of my other blogger friends has the 305 and she wears it over a wrist sweatband. I’ve also read that you can take a crew-length sock and cut the foot off and use the rest of it on your wrist as a cushion.

  12. J says:

    I agree the garmin looks a little big, you must have small wrists!!

    I think you should name you garmin with a girl name. Idk i always thought of garmin as feminine.

    Rebecca. (or carmen heheheeh)

  13. Anonymous says:

    Mine is named Marvin!! It’s Great name!! Marvin the Garmin!! hehe

  14. Randi says:

    I’ve got the same one as you and I noticed it hurt my wrist bone. The only thing that works for me is to do it looser and push it up my arm. If I get nice and hot and sweaty it will stay (but it hurts pretty bad if it slips down and bangs around by the wrist as well). Or I wear a long sleeve shirt and put it on top. Geeky but painfree.

    I love Claude but now I want to name mine that!

  15. audgepodge says:

    Congrats on your new acquisition! :) So I got this kit so that I can use my Garmin on runs and on bike rides and in order to do that, you had to replace the wrist strap with one that used velcro instead. You might consider that in case it will give you a tighter fit. It wasn’t too expensive. Here’s a link

  16. Nicole says:

    I have the garmin forerunner 301. That sucker is huge. It gets terrible reception so i never use it. Imigine that bulky watch on your tiny wrist. I have small wrists too but it had velcro a strap. It slid around but never enough to cause problems.

    I’m voting for Marvin because that name cracks me up.

  17. MOMMY-MOMO says:

    so whats the deal with these? I use the nike plus. Is it like that?

  18. Marlene says:

    Cool! ENjoy your new toy.

    I also have oddly thin wrists (NOT proportionate to my body – lol) and wear it on the 2nd hole. It has never bothered me, though. A swet band sounds like a good idea if it’s irritating your bone.

    Enjoy your green beer!

  19. Lacey Nicole says:

    elliot got mad when i bought two pair of full price sneakers!! i kinda got suckered into it cuz it is my running club store, but shhh don’t tell him that, haha. cool garmin!!! i voted for marvin!!!!!! :)

  20. Alisa says:

    I voted for Marvin!!! Yeah baby! I love it.

    I have the 205, his name is just simply G…maybe that needs to go to a vote too.

  21. bb says:

    It looks like a Claude! :)

  22. Emily says:

    Congratulations! I think it kind of looks like a Delores…..

  23. Carlee says:

    I’m already thinking of him as Hermes! (I named my foam roller after Hector in mythology)

  24. loquita says:

    I like Claude.

    The small wrist thing is one of the reasons I didn’t buy a Garmin back when I was running regularly. I’d love for you to talk about how heavy is does/doesn’t feel compared to a regular watch.

    The velcro band recommended by a bunch of people looks interesting, and seems like it would solve the wrist-bone-banging problem. I do sprint tri’s so I like that it makes the bike-run transition really quick, very cool.

  25. Sarah says:

    I’m a new reader – I love your blog! I have the 205 (nameless garmin) but want the 305 after seeing your photos! I like Claude for the name.

  26. aron says:

    yayyy so fun :) it really is the BEST thing ever!!! you are going to wonder how you ran without him before hehe.

  27. Sarah says:

    I think it looks like a Marvin….

  28. Angry Julie Monday says:

    I haven’t named mine yet? Does mine need a name. I chose Thor for yours.

    I LOVE my Garmin.

    I like the wrist band thing, alot of people do that. Mine slides around alot too. I probably need to get some of those bands.

  29. Breadcrumb Runner says:

    Garmins are the best! Even though I have the older 205, I love it. Trust me, you’ll become pretty attached to it. I have a hard time imaginging running without it!

    Also, I voted. :)

  30. Denise says:

    I have the same problem with the garmin on my wrists. It doesn’t bother me when I’m wearing long sleeves, though because I wear the garmin on top of my shirt sleeve.

    I guess I need to name mine..

  31. Tania says:

    The velcro band looks like it’s the answer to your small wrists problem :)

    I voted for Hermes…I just like that name!

  32. RunWithMe says:

    I have the exact same problem. Bony wrists and the Garmin hits the bone part and it’s annoying. I have started wearing it higher up on my arm, like a few inches above the write and securing it tightly. Seems to work. I will try the gazelle’s idea to get a velcro strap and see how that works. I vote for Marvin. I am still trying to think of a name for mine.

  33. joyRuN says:

    I’ve had that problem with my “b*tch”. Fixed it by wearing the monitor on the inside (palm-side) of my wrist. It’s worked so far, but I’ve accidentally hit the buttons doing that once.

  34. kristen says:

    Liquid lunch – good for you!

    Regarding the wrist problem, can you wear the face on the inside rather than the outside of your wrist? that way only the strap is on your bones.

  35. maria k says:

    how have you never had green beer???? i hope you loved it.

  36. Sasha says:

    My Garmin bugged me for a bit- I have a tiny bony wrist too. Now that I have been using it for almost a year, I don’t even notice it… promise it’ll get better!

    Mind doesn’t have a name! I’ll have to think about that…

  37. Susan says:

    I think Marvin would be awesome, so I voted for that! You could also name it Miles, which is what I named my dog.

    I have my Garmin (nameless) on the first or second notch, and I’ve heard that you can get a velcro strap to switch out with the rubber one, so maybe you should look into that!

  38. K says:

    I am a huge advocate of naming navigation systems. The Garmin in my car is named Getilda (I like alliterations). The fashionista in me likes Hermes!

  39. Anonymous says:

    There could only be one name that fits…


  40. Melanie says:

    I like Hermes!

    I’ve like you… REALLY small bony wrists. I think even the newest Garmin’s are too big for me. I really want one, but haven’t wanted to spend all that money if it’s going to end up killing my wrist and being a nuisance. Keep me posted on how it works out.

  41. Texan Couture says:

    Whisker Silly is hilarious!

    I’m so glad to hear a good review about this Garmin my mom is getting me this one for my Easter present…yea I get gifts on Easter, I’m an only child.

    My vote is for Marvin!

  42. Jamie says:

    LOL so funny. My brother gets mad because he says I name ALL of our animals!

  43. aNd! says:

    This is an Adventures in Babysitting Day…..1st I was in the waiting room of an office and I heard the song “And then he kissed me” which set off my mind thinking of the movie. So of course when I got home and was reading this and saw the name Thor I had no other choice but to vote for it!

  44. RunToFinish says:

    ohhh man those pet names are pretty damn funny… we named our cat Frisco after going to San Fran :)

    My garmie is Flash cause we are super speedy…uh when we run.

    I like Hermes a lot!!

  45. P.O.M. says:

    You are going to LOVE having a Garmin to track your times miles. On my extra long runs, he would give me a little blister on my wrist bone, but it goes away. It’s all a part of being a tough runner chick :)

    I like Marvin.

  46. Piper Jacquelyn says:

    THOR! Thor is hilarious! I have bony wrists too, so things like this look a little silly on me, but oh well – it’s not for fashion, right?!

  47. Mrs. D says:

    I’m with the anonymous person..
    I like Miles! I think it’s cute and catchy. The other names seem old to me (no offense other names) and Miles seems fun!

    Good luck with deciding on a name :)

  48. Milltini says:

    glad to hear garmin has arrived! i’m sure you two will have a very happy life together ;-)

  49. Anonymous says:

    Thor disguises himself as a mortal man and comes down to earth to frolic with a mortal woman. Afterward, he’s feeling kind of guilty so he tells her “Darling, I am really Thor.” The girl smiles and says “Tho am I but it thertainly wath fun, wathn’t it?”

  50. turtlescanrun says:

    I voted for Marvin :)
    I also have the bony wrist thing, I loosened it and that helped. The velcro strip that others have recommended sounds like a good thing, I may have to look into that. Have fun with your Garmin :)

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