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What do you name a new baby?

So obviously I’ve never had the opportunity to name a new child, since I’ve never had a child. I named my cat when I was 5. I named her Whisker Silly. Imagine going to the vet and having to go in the room after ‘Whisker Silly’ was called. Sadly, Whisker died my senior year. Rip Whisks. Then we move onto my dog. I have named a dog before, my dog Cassie, which I named after my favorite food, casseroles. Sadly, I named her my junior year of high school, so I can’t blame her name on any lapse of knowledge, but her name fits her well. Unfortunately she can’t live with me at our house, so she lives with my dad and our other dog named Cody, which I SWEAR I named but my brother claims that he named. Lies I tell you.So I have been told that you must name your Garmin. I feel that I definitely agree. I have decided in between a few names and wanted to have you guys help me to decide!


When the little child came to mama yesterday! 

I think the name Claude reminds me of a little crab that would run fast. The name Marvin just kind of makes me laugh. I like the name Thor because it sounds powerful and I also like the name Hermes because it sounds so classy, and he was the Greek god of Travel. So many options! Here are some other pictures of the child if you would like to take a good look before picking a name


This morning I ran 4 miles with the Garmin and it really is amazing. Though I never found an in depth review out there, I always had heard only great things about Garmins and I am too now a follower. I will post a much more in depth review next week with pictures and in detailed explanations because I would love to share that with you guys like I did for the hatphones.

There is one small problem that I have encountered with the Garmin thus far though. I have very small wrists and they are very bony. Weird, but true and this means that I have to pull the Garmin almost to the last notch. If I had regular sized wrists I feel that it would sit in the right place on my wrist and be able to stay there. Since my wrists are so small it rubs against the bone that I have there. The only idea I’ve had thus far is too wear a sweatband type wristband underneath because after only four miles the little bone was a little bruised and almost rubbed raw. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem.

I hope to run another 4 miles with Mr. R tonight to show him how amazing it is, and then maybe he’ll realize that it’s worth the $$$ and won’t be so mad. :) I did 150 sit ups this morning and will the remaining tonight along with my push-ups. I hope everyone has a great St. Patrick’s Day! Some co-workers and I are going to go to lunch and drink some green beer, which I’ve never had. Perhaps I’ll share some pictures tomorrow.

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