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The Thin Beast?

I just wanted to start off by saying thank you to everyone who wished me well and was praying for me this past weekend. It was hard but getting your comments and knowing that so many people out there cared for me made it a lot easier. Yesterday I was able to get in a 9 mile run, which wasn’t what I had planned but my ankle is still healing from last weekend so I was happy with that. I am hoping to make this week my longest mileage week yet, coming in right around 50. Of course I am continuing my daily sit ups and push ups. My arms are so weak still, but I can tell that the push ups are making a difference. I am hoping for the best but we shall see how the ankle holds up.

I just tracked my Garmin package, I have a serious problem tracking packages, and I think it might even arrive later today! I am so excited to jump on the Garmin train and I will definitely be posting a review after I figure it out. I am sad to say that over 7-9 miles the Nike plus just doesn’t hack it anymore.

Yesterday while out on my run on the beach path of Long Beach I noticed something different about my path. Ahead of me were a bunch of volleyball nets and a whole bunch of beach volley teams playing. A little back story here is that my college roommate and best friend is a volleyball player as well. In college for my ‘work study’ I was the volleyball team scorekeeper. We would always watch beach and sometimes, on occasion, she would let me play with her. She is really good at volleyball and though I miss her a lot, right now she is in Europe living out her dream playing for a team in Innsbruck, Austria. We still skype and chat online a lot and we try to send really random pictures to each other when we think the other is least expecting.

So anyways we’ve watched a lot of beach volleyball (AVP) together and both have come to love the THIN BEAST and his partner, The Professor. During the Olympics the Thin Beast was renamed the Beijing Beast, but I prefer the Thin Beast. My friend has even gone to the AVP and seen them play and she said yes, in real life, he’s a thin beast. As I’m running I start to see that these players are legitimate and there are a few signs that say USA Volleyball. I didn’t connect the two together until I saw him. I saw the Thin Beast. Obviously he was incredibly recognizable, a towering 6’9 is something you don’t miss. I ran by and just watched everyone and then ran my loop and when I was passing again there was a stray ball coming towards the path I was running on. There was an older woman in front of me walking a small yorkie and I thought for sure she was going to give it back to the players but she kept on walking. Then I was the next closest person. I picked up the ball and thought about kicking it, but I was running in my running skirts, so I ruled that one out. I was a little cautious to hit the ball back to them but I threw it up in the air and luckily served it perfectly back to him and he said thank you. It was by far the highlight of my run.

It was crazy seeing them all out there though, but exciting for me at least. Today is a rest day for me and tomorrow I’m going to run 8 in the morning before work. Hopefully I can get out of bed. :)


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