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The hot sun beateth down my path

Yesterday I set out for my 12 miler. Yea, got to six miles and about passed out. I finished with about 8.2, and I was COOKED. I hadn’t realized it was going to be SO hot when I took off, though I had my gu and a water bottle. I got to mile five and was starting to get a little lethargic. I slugged along and stopped to take my gu at mile six. This was the worst idea, once I stopped my knee locked up and wouldn’t go much farther at all. I knew I would have to throw in the towel and resort to my sit ups back home. My knee is still giving me issues! It’s the weirdest thing ever. Also my big toe has a huge blood blister on it. Disgusting. Then last night as I’m getting ready for bed I realized I have an AWFUL tank top tan from my run. Wow, lobster red too. I’m a wreck right now!

Tomorrow morning I’m going to try to go for seven again and see how I feel and then take it from there. Mr. R helped me figure out something to tape on my knee to try to help it when I run, he thinks it’s some kind of tendinitis. My toe, well that is a whole different issue, but hopefully with time that little beast will get better.

Last night Mr. R and I walked along the pier down the street from my house.


Yea, you can say that I love where I live.

Also, about my last rant that I like to refer to as the Target post. I’ve contacted them twice concerning the bad service that I’ve received and they said, well, sorry, and that was that. Their attitudes made me think that it wasn’t even a big deal that I was being treated so poorly. I will never give up on my love for Target, but I will go in there with a different mindset, especially after being treated so poorly at so many different targets.

Yes, I also finally found my lovechild I called the Vizio 22 inch flat screen. I had searched far and wide using the check stock online button (which failed me numerous times) and called a bunch of stores. It was at a weird hidden Target store, but they had it. I called them to check the stock, and they said they had one left. I raced over to the store. Oddly, the guy who was helping me said, oh yea, we have one in stock right now, do you want to wait for me to get it from the stock room or not. YES! I will wait, what kind of question is that? Oh well, the TV is now in my room and I can watch all my shows from the comfort of my bed. Like last night, how I fell asleep watching the World Series of Poker Final Tournament in Europe. Sadly, I just admitted that.

This week I am continuing on getting toned and also getting my mileage back up and hoping that I can finally get rid of this knee pain once and for all. Also this weekend I have a 25k trail run up in Malibu that I’m really looking forward too. Should be fun!


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