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The Ebay Experience

I have been looking for a Garmin per every one’s recommendation that I get one. After last weekend when my Nike + told me I ran 17.5 miles and I only had run 15 I was sad. I knew that I was reaching beyond the Nike + with my mileage. I also found some good deals on craigslist and was in the process of emailing people about them, and thought I had found one and was going to get it shipped to me. I had emailed back and forth with the guy for a while and he kept telling me he was going to ship it and then got to busy. Well you see, I am a little impatient. I do understand that work does get in the way, and life can be busy, but if I was trying to sell something and had a buyer I would have taken care of it right away. Yesterday I did a little searching around and found some Garmin 305s on eBay. So I have never bought anything off eBay, nor did I really understand how it worked.

I ‘watched’ the Garmin I wanted yesterday by checking in on it every hour. Then it became down to the minutes. I let it go down to 5 minutes and then I didn’t really know what to do. I wanted to be the highest bidder but I didn’t want to unnecessarily up the price and let the other buyer that someone else was interested. Sneaky I know.

Then it came down to a minute. My heart was pounding out of my chest. I was so worried that I wouldn’t get my bid in or I would be outbid. I placed my first bid with 48 seconds left. Then it immediately said I was outbid. I quickly typed in $135.00, then it said Auction ended. It also said that I had won the item! My heart seriously felt like it was having an attack. It was racing, but I had won and I was going to be a proud owner of a Garmin. Finally. Now I must think of a name for my new child. (and if my creative director from work sees this picture he’s going to KILL himself… he always makes fun of my not really there photoshop skills. I am waiting for him to laugh at his desk)

Overall now that I’ve used eBay I think it’s pretty cool, I got a way better deal and free shipping. It wasn’t hard to figure out and I had to wait till the auction ended but I still won so that was exciting. I will have to find out more about using eBay.

On another note, last night I ran a whopping 2 miles at 8:30 pace and right before I got home I stepped in a huge pile of dog poop. I was trying to get home quick before it was dark and SPLAT poop all over. After cleaning my shoe, I then did some cross training, including my 300 sit ups and my 50 push ups. I really am starting to feel my arms get stronger. I usually do push ups up against the couch because I feel like I tighten my abs more while I’m doing it.

These were taken on my run. Yup, again confirmed that I love where I live. The picture with the water is the little harbor right off the ocean by my house. Hope everyone has a great weekend and I can’t wait for my Garmin to arrive so I can try it out and realize how slow I was running this entire time while my Nike+ was lying to me.
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