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Morning Butt Kick

So this morning I overslept. I had planned on getting in five miles and then seeing how my knee felt. I decided that I would just try to run a little bit faster in order to get my run in before I went to work for the day.

Faster is right. 7:55 pace. Where in the WORLD did that come from? Came home, SWEATY! :) I haven’t ran that fast in a long time and I really had to push myself to run that fast, but I feel like it was well worth it. My legs felt good and we will see in about two hours how my knee is feeling. My toe didn’t seem to bother me, but it usually after I take off my shoes after a long day. I then did 20 push ups and finished with 200 sit ups. Dying. The abs. Dying.

Tonight I’m going to a little election party gathering. Here in CA its time to vote for some city officials and one of my close family friends is running for the City of Bellflower. Should be exciting and hopefully he is a shoo-in!

Well we all know I would have to address it sometime. About this bachelor debacle that I saw last night. From day one I disliked the guy, anyone who leaves his small child with no mother to find ‘love’ on television is a crock for me. Melissa will probably be the next bachelorette since she loves to be on TV, and has her own calender. Wow, no wonder when I tried out for the show a while back I didn’t make it. I didn’t know you had to be a model. Enough with that, I am sad I just wasted perfect blog space for that.

I leave you with this lovely race photo from the Race on the Base 10k that was two weekends ago.

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