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Koops for Council!

So as I said yesterday, I was going to a small election party with some family friends to support our close family friend, Dan Koops, as he ran for a seat on the city council for the city of Bellflower. Well the party was actually rather large and fun! They have the amazing and quite delicious Salazars of Bellflower cater and it was yummy. I could have possibly had two churros. Though it was a very close race, in the end Dan came out behind the first place by only 109 votes, and ahead of third place by 113 votes. He got the 2nd seat for city council. It was an exciting night, and of course I had to take some pictures.

Signs were on the front of every lawn in the neighborhood.
Watching the results trickling in.
My cousin Olie and I patiently awaiting the results.
Finally, after a close race, he won!
Congrats Dan and the whole Koops Family!
Tonight, luckily, it’s a gym night for me. I say luckily because I woke up to the sound of rain outside. I don’t run in the rain so I knew it was a good thing that tonight I’ll be hanging out with some cool meatheads and some high schoolers at my local 24. I’ll be doing the cable machine again and then some free weights and I continue on the 200 sit ups a day routine. When I do the sit ups I always put my feet under the couch and just go to town. It usually takes me around 6-10 minutes to finish all of them and I switch from going all the way up and down to doing some arm punches and also doing some quick ones that focus more on the lower abs. They always kill me every time I do them, but at the same time, once I get partially done I just focus on being done and not having to do them again until the next day. It really helps when you’re dying and have 50 more to do.

Tomorrow I’ll have some more deals and then also I’m going to post some of my music because there have been some requests for that. :)


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