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Gym Freaks and Deals

Last night at the gym I kicked my own butt, but let me tell you, the meatballs and freaks were out last night. I don’t know why but my 24 hour fitness seems to be chock-full of the best people watching material ever. Yes, it does make my workout a little bit more interesting, but it’s also annoying with a weirdly chubby but buff armed Steve Jobs look-a-like won’t get off the cable cross machine. After waiting for 20 minutes I gave up. Sits ups were done, free weights were done, StairMaster was done as well, next to a guy who couldn’t stop checking himself out in the mirror. Wonderful.

There are so many characters at the gym, I am almost thinking of making one day a week dedicated to describing one specific person I see at the gym. I feel like this would be humorous, if not to you, then me! We’ll see I know I could take months just describing a small number of the wonderful specimens there last night.

Then I got in a quick mile. a very quick seven minute on the dot mile. I don’t know why I did that but I had so much adrenaline I just kicked up the treadmill and got after it. Oh well, taking it easy today and going to get in some slow easy miles tomorrow and Saturday before the 15 mile trail run on Sunday in Malibu.

Deals of the day

Cute Nike Shirt; Normally $22, Now $16,99

Women’s Long Sleeve Layer Running Top; Normally $55, Now $39

Nike Women’s Long Sleeve Tee; Normally $26, Now $14.97

Pearl Izumi Tank; Normally $35, Now $22

North Face Long Sleeve Crew; Normally $40, Now $26

North Face Shorts; Normally $25, Now $16

North Face Crew Shirt; Normally $35, Now $19


Pearl Izumi Singlet; Normally $30, Now $19.93

Saucony Shorts; Normally $33, Now $24

Brooks Shorts; Normally $31, Now $21

Adidas Singlet; Normally $44, Now $19

Mizuno Shorts; Normally $34, Now $19

Now, I have been working on putting on some songs together to let everyone know what I listen to while I work out, if you care. Tomorrow this will be posted. I have separated them into sections too, because you can listen to the same songs while doing a sloggy 8 miles, versus running a quick two or three miles. Those are power songs! So check in tomorrow for this play list and maybe some songs that you might want to download!


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