Gym Freaks and Deals

Last night at the gym I kicked my own butt, but let me tell you, the meatballs and freaks were out last night. I don’t know why but my 24 hour fitness seems to be chock-full of the best people watching material ever. Yes, it does make my workout a little bit more interesting, but it’s also annoying with a weirdly chubby but buff armed Steve Jobs look-a-like won’t get off the cable cross machine. After waiting for 20 minutes I gave up. Sits ups were done, free weights were done, StairMaster was done as well, next to a guy who couldn’t stop checking himself out in the mirror. Wonderful.

There are so many characters at the gym, I am almost thinking of making one day a week dedicated to describing one specific person I see at the gym. I feel like this would be humorous, if not to you, then me! We’ll see I know I could take months just describing a small number of the wonderful specimens there last night.

Then I got in a quick mile. a very quick seven minute on the dot mile. I don’t know why I did that but I had so much adrenaline I just kicked up the treadmill and got after it. Oh well, taking it easy today and going to get in some slow easy miles tomorrow and Saturday before the 15 mile trail run on Sunday in Malibu.

Deals of the day

Cute Nike Shirt; Normally $22, Now $16,99

Women’s Long Sleeve Layer Running Top; Normally $55, Now $39

Nike Women’s Long Sleeve Tee; Normally $26, Now $14.97

Pearl Izumi Tank; Normally $35, Now $22

North Face Long Sleeve Crew; Normally $40, Now $26

North Face Shorts; Normally $25, Now $16

North Face Crew Shirt; Normally $35, Now $19


Pearl Izumi Singlet; Normally $30, Now $19.93

Saucony Shorts; Normally $33, Now $24

Brooks Shorts; Normally $31, Now $21

Adidas Singlet; Normally $44, Now $19

Mizuno Shorts; Normally $34, Now $19

Now, I have been working on putting on some songs together to let everyone know what I listen to while I work out, if you care. Tomorrow this will be posted. I have separated them into sections too, because you can listen to the same songs while doing a sloggy 8 miles, versus running a quick two or three miles. Those are power songs! So check in tomorrow for this play list and maybe some songs that you might want to download!


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41 Responses to Gym Freaks and Deals

  1. Tara says:

    oh how I heart gym freaks!!! lol I would thoroughly enjoy an update of your 24hour fitness freak of the week!!! seriously..i would! haha

    looking forward to the play list..I always love to know what others listen to when they are workin’ on their fitness :)

  2. RunWithMe says:

    Can’t wait for the play list. I can always use some new ideas, esp. for those long runs.

    Yep, always something interesting to see at the gym.

  3. LyndsAU says:

    arent’ people at the gym hilarious!! it cracks me up everytime. it’s mostly men at my gym that leave me wondering “Do you not realize I can see you???”

  4. aron says:

    awesome job on the 7 min mile!! :)

    for my tempo run last night I have a tempo playlist that plays my current 5 power songs over and over :) I would go crazy listening to those songs on a slower run though!

  5. Lacey Nicole says:

    i am always looking for song ideas!!!!! can’t wait :)

  6. Liana says:

    haha i love watching people at the gym!! when i go in the morning all the football guys are there–and i swear its a group effort, its like 3 to a machine and they stand there while they take their turns grunting over the weights!!

  7. says:

    Gym freaks are the worst! They drive me up the wall! I always love the older woman that is stuck in the 80s…looks like she just stepped out of a Richard Simmon’s workout video…

  8. Denise says:

    Oh, I always want to post about people I come across at the gym. Like the guy who blew his nose in his hand then continued on with his workout. Or the guy who lifts up his shirts and rubs his abs. But I didn’t think anyone cared! All this time you would have enjoyed it!!

  9. Chloe says:

    love the blog! I just had to laugh about the gym freaks.. too funny!

  10. RunningLaur says:

    I fully support the idea of a weekly description, weirdo Wednesday? It’s too hilarious.

  11. Vava says:

    Has this whole MMA craze hit your gym yet? The specimens that like to think of themselves as some sort of tough dudes (mirror checking? yes. shadow boxing? bloody hell yes. “sparring”? get the hell out of this gym please!) invaded my local gym a while back. Luckily I no longer have a membership and don’t have to watch them strut their “stuff”.

  12. Jamie says:

    LOL you know I would LOVE the freak descriptions. I think its a great idea. Keep me entertained! =) I think am running at lunch today. LOL I will be stinky/sweaty at work for the rest of the day but maybe it will keep people away =) LOL!

  13. Marlene says:

    I hear you on the freakazoids at the gym!

    Looking forward to some music suggestions.

  14. Marathon Maritza says:

    Yay! I love gym people watching! I need to hear who’s at your 24h Fitness, cuz you’ve heard about the weirdos at mine!

    And yes, I wanna hear your playlist! I’m always down for more music. I also want to know specifically what you listened to yesterday during your 7 min mile. :)

    Stop posting deals, I still can’t shop. :( wahhhhhh

    P.S. SB in SD!

  15. runjen says:

    Can’t wait for your playlist!! I need some new ideas bad!

    My old gym was the same in terms of excellent people watching. I find the later in the evening it gets, the more the gym seems to turn into a meat market too. Funny stuff.

  16. Bob Hazen says:

    Ok this has been bugging me for a while. I noticed you had Coached. All I can say is go CVCS – yeah I’m an alum.

  17. Billy Burger says:

    Take a camera to the gym next time! ;)

  18. Alisa says:

    Love the people watching!

    Can’t wait to hear your “power songs”…I just got a few new ones myself.

  19. Running Around Acres says:

    can’t wait for the big hair power ballads i know are coming. Come on, you can tell us – closet 80′s freak aren’t ya?

    People watching at gyms can be a lot of fun.

  20. Niki says:

    Can’t wait for the playlist! I am always in the need for more songs to run to!

  21. Jenny says:

    I hate machine hoggers at the gym!! The worst is the guy who uses the squat rack for bicep curls. Yes, bicep curls. Argh!

  22. E says:

    i can’t wait to see your song list! i am dying right now because i keep hearing the same stuff over and over and i desperatly need some new music! thanks for the info on those shorts, by the way- although my legs are nowhere near as fabulous as yours, so i don’t know if i can pull them off! :)

  23. Ms. V. says:

    A sloggy 8 miles to you might be my fastest! :) Can’t wait to see the list.

    I heart Malibu (I’m from Woodland Hills)…

    And, FYI, the Calabasas Classic (November 8) run opened today for registration, and I have to say I thought it was a pretty run! (I’m easy though). Gorgeous area, and nice schwag!

  24. Amber says:

    There’s tons of weirdo’s at my gym too. Sometimes it’s hilarious, sometimes just plain annoying.

  25. Pat says:

    You have to take some secret pics of the gym freaks!

  26. Lou Lou says:

    Yayy can’t wait to hear (or see I guess) your playlists!

  27. The Happy Runner says:

    Nice job on the speedy mile!

  28. RunToFinish says:

    you always have such great deals to post, love it!

    hmm what kind of songs will you be posting…a little 80′s…a little beyonce?

  29. kristen says:

    I can’t wait to see your playlist.

  30. joyRuN says:

    Your post made me lurv my little community center all the more. It's primarily older retired peeps, & only in the summertime do we get the mirror hogs.

  31. Run Saraah says:

    I haven’t been to the gym in ages, but my friend and I would be entertained by the characters at the gym…in turn they were probably entertained by me!

  32. Run For Life says:

    I always wonder about people in the gym because there are definitely a lot of characters!

    Yay for the upcoming playlist! I’m always looking for some good running tunes. :)

  33. Wearing Mascara says:

    LOL about the specimens at the gym. You’re so right! Can’t wait for the play list :-)

  34. Stuart says:

    Gotta love them gym freaks…see you Sunday!

  35. X-Country2 says:

    I spent 1 week at a gym, and you’re right. People watching central! The clothing alone was a trip.

  36. Oz Runner says:

    I love to people watch…the airport is another fun place to do that, but the gym is good too…have a good trail run this weekend.

  37. Fair Weather Runner says:

    I love your gym freaks assesment, it’s so true! The meat heads crack me up, I LOVE IT when they stare at themselves. Seriously who needs a TV or iPod at the gym, PLENTY of entertainment there.

    Thanks for the deals too. BRILLIANT.

  38. onelittletrigirl says:

    I used to have a blog dedicated to Top Ten lists- it wouldnt have been complete without the one about “those” people at the gym. It was one of the most read entries. Who can’t relate?!? The list far surpassess ten!

  39. lindsay says:

    hahaha. i can’t wait to hear about your gym freaks! there certainly are some characters at any gym.

    my old gym had a girl we called ‘booty shorts girl’ ’cause well, she’d wear some non-existent shorts! she wore regular bras and often this “slave to fashion” tank top. she had such a great workout ethic, it’s amazing how her 12 layers of makeup never melted off. i always meant to ask her how she managed that…

  40. kilax says:

    You should tell us about your gym friends. People have so many funny habits… it’s fun to read. Makes me feel like less of a goober!

  41. P.O.M. says:

    Hey girlie! Hope you’re doing good. I agree that the gym has the oddest collection of freakballs out there. I blogged about the people at my gym a while ago:

    Check it out :)

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