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Because I am not particularly fond of people creeping on my facebook and I have a few ‘friends’ on there that I’d rather not let into every aspect of my life, I thought it would be interesting to do my “25 Random Things” about me list obviously on my blog so the WORLD can see.

Sometimes I don’t even make sense to myself.

1. I collect quarters like it’s my job. I even save up my non-quarter change to exchange it for quarters in order to get more quarters. I love quarters so much because they help me do my laundry and it is expensive. So if you find any quarters… I have a special jar for them in my closet. I get so excited when I find one. It’s literally like finding twenty dollars for me.

2. I don’t eat lettuce. At all. This seems to blow every one’s mind. No salad, no lettuce on my burger. None of it. My dad continues to say that I won’t be a true lady until I eat lettuce. Well dad, I’m never going to be a lady then.

3. I love watching sports except for basketball, and I’m a Laker Hater. I hate all the followers, the ones who watch the game and then put it all over their facebook and I hate the jerseys. I also hate the colors purple and yellow, it reminds me of butterflies! But I love me some Anaheim Angels.

4. I could never give up meat. EVER. I love meat and especially chicken. Sometimes I think it would be fun to try but then I get a burger for lunch.

5. I have the worst memory ever. I can’t remember much of elementary, middle, or high school, and I remember only some prominent parts of college, which it wasn’t even a year ago that I graduated.

6. I used to think I wanted to be married at 21. I’m so glad that I’ve learned so much and now I laugh about the idea of getting married anytime soon. A huge majority of people my age that I know are married, and they got married a year or two ago. I think that’s what happens when you go to a super small high school and college.

7. I absolutely love taking pictures. I love the memories and moments that each picture captures. It also helps me remember what I’ve done in my life when my memory fails me.

8. I got hit by a drunk driver my junior year of college in my cousins car. Jorge Avalos had a beer in his cup holder and blew a point .18 (legal limit in CA is .08) and denied being drunk. Right buddy. I thankfully only hurt my neck really bad but had to throw up all the time because my equilibrium was off so much, and I had seat belt burns and had to wear leggings as pants! Embarrassing. I only got a thousand dollars out of the deal. Shady!

9. I have a phobia of birds, especially crows. I hate them and I am deathly afraid of getting pecked to death. I get scared when I have to run by the huge pack of seagulls at the beach.

10. I have donated 23 inches of my hair to Locks of Love. Twelve inches one time and eleven the other time. I want to do it again, and again, and again. It’s such a great cause, and it’s nerve racking and scary but exhilarating to cut off that much hair at a time.

11. I google everything. People. Places. Things to do. Running Routes. Everything. I can’t stop myself.

12. I get incredibly extreme anxiety when I watch anything scary. I literally freak out and cannot watch anymore of the movie. My heart beats super fast and I cannot breathe.

13. I played soccer for four years and I loved it. I was incredibly horrible but I loved it.

14. I love my brothers girlfriend. She is hilarious and brings out the best in him, even though he calls me by her name, and gets us confused, and cannot tell us apart from the back. Just last night I saw her facebook status, ” I got street cred baby,” – The infamous Taylor. I can’t believe that she can deal with him! She is amazing!

15. I think about teaching English in high school. It’s a thought, but I love my advertising position so much!

16. I am the biggest sap ever to walk the face of the earth. I cry over everything. Commercials, books, movies, songs, anything. Sadly, I used to never cry and then college came and I became a freak crier.

17. My iPhone is an extended version of my hand. I thought my iPhone was going to die the other day and I almost started crying and immediately looked up all the nearest Apple Stores. Alas, I googled the issue and then found a way to fix it myself.

18. I find myself constantly seeking for ways to make an impact on others with my life.

19. I find that if I don’t do my devotions regularly, I get very pessimistic and obnoxious. Thanks God for reminding me that I do need you!

20. At least twice a week at work while I’m drinking water from my nalogen bottle, I spill a whole bunch of water down the front of my shirt. I guess I can’t look at my computer screen and drink water at the same time.

21. I love receiving mail and packages more than anything in the world. I just realized I can send myself my packages of things I buy online to myself at work, so then I get the joy of actually getting the package, instead of it being left on my doorstep at home. I love it when the delivery man comes!

22. Happy Meals from Mc Donalds are the perfect size of everything. Perfect amount of burger or chicken nuggets. Perfect amount of fries. Perfect drink size. And who doesn’t love a cool toy. It even works for breakfast with the Egg Mc Muffin Happy Meal!

23. My favorite verse in the bible is Acts 20:24. It’s pretty amazing and it’s even about completing our life like a race. I love it.

24. Up until October I have always slept in a twin bed then I got a queen bed for my birthday. I am working on (I would even call it training) myself to sleep in the middle of the bed. When I wake up in my queen I would find myself waking up on one side and the other side of my bed totally not even being used. FAIL.

25. I am amazing at parallel parking when I have to back up on my right side. This is perfect because I live in a place where parallel parking is super key to finding a parking spot. The left side though, I can barely do it, and it takes me many more tries than the right side.

Tonight I’m going to the gym. I finally am regaining movement in my legs from the trail run of death so I can walk up and down stairs and not have to perform some super death grip on the stairwell. Good progress. Glad you all enjoyed the Yolanda story. I was blown away, believe me. This weekend I am hoping to get in as many miles as I can, but it will be busy! I am still doing my 200 sit ups and I have added 20 push ups to my routine. Not fun but worth it!

Hopefully tomorrow I can share part of my exciting news and then sometime next week I can share the rest of it. Just praying about the decisions I’m making. :)

Also I totally forgot to mention what I thought of last nights Biggest Loser. Seriously, Ron it’s YOUR TIME TO GO HOME. I can’t believe they sent the strongest member of the team home. So stupid. Ron is a schemer and I don’t like him. I also don’t like how the Blue team went crazy on Jillian and then ran to Bob and LIED to him. Sorry you didn’t get a workout Filipe, but guess what, not everyone has personal trainers like that. I was sad that the black team won the weigh in even after the many stunts they pulled. Smoking? Drinking? GET REAL. This is what got you where you are today. I was ashamed to watch that, and to watch Bob open arms the blue team and never even see him and Jillian talk about what happened. Okay, rant over.


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