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So basically it was my roommates graduation party this past weekend which means our fridge is stocked. Last night we realized though, we only have a fridge full of liquids, no real foods. Weird.


This is our fridge. I knew you would enjoy it. It looks like something off cribs. Yes, we are a little paranoid and line everything up like that even if there isn’t much in the fridge. Yes, we have a ton of red bull and even red bull sugar free (I like). Yes, we have two rows of Heineken, and three rows of Pacificos, and three rows of Coronas. Also please realize that my roommate doesn’t even drink beer. Cheers to me. Cheers to Mr. R. Also notice the bag of limes for all the Mexican beer in the bottom left drawer and the pitas in the bottom right. I have a small obsession eating pita bread with hummus together, actually I eat it every night. Yes, there are two tubs of guacamole on the top shelf. Party time. Notice also that we don’t have milk, or regular bread. But don’t worry, I won’t starve! There is some mac and cheese waiting to be eaten on the top shelf though under that tinfoil. YUM!


Now, here is the door of the fridge. Yup, we have some eggs, some soy milk and more beer, and sparks, and wine and champagne. Oh wait, there’s one little G2 up there! Gosh. Maybe investing in some food would be a good idea.

As for my trip to Hawaii, I’m super excited and I’ve been to the island many times before so I know it well. I already have ideas of what to do, and maybe these plans will include conquering my fear of snorkeling. I just don’t like when those fish get so close to me! I found all my deals on Orbitz, and I price compared and they had the best deals. There were some deals for around $600 that you could fly, get a hotel and a car for 4 nights on Oahu. Plus, I want some sun! I feel so pale!

Last night at the gym I kicked serious butt. I love going to the gym when it’s a bunch of high schoolers and meatballish jocks. It’s very entertaining. Anyways, I haven’t been this sore in a while. I ran a quick 5k, then did hardcore weights that really worked my arms and my back. I really love the cable cross machine, though it looks intimidating, it works your entire body. Then in honor of the trip to Hawaii, I did 200 sit ups on the machine. I have decided I’m going to do 200 sit ups a day until Hawaii. It’s so much easier on the machine though! Doing those at home will be a challenge. Tonight I’ll get in five miles after dinner at my grandma and grandpas. My huge blister on my toe is slowly healing and that’s why I decided to cross train last night. Also giving my knee a break and cross training instead of running so much has been really helpful. It’s a simple reminder to listen to your body when it’s sore. Taking a day or two off from pounding the pavement can be so helpful in nursing an injury and cross training can really help keep your fitness up.

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