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Trail Runs, 14 miles, and Rain, Oh My!

So this weekend the normally sunshiny state of CA was drenched in rain. Rain, rain, rain. I was very worried that this weekend when I was going to do my first ever real trail run that it would be cancelled because of the rain. I was lucky enough to be invited by the lovely Sara and Billy to the Trail Runners Club meet up at the Morgan Trail in Orange County. It was an AMAZING. I have never run on trails before and I am now insanely jealous of all you who have this type of open land so close to you. It was a 5 mile out and back run and I really enjoyed the people and location. It was so different and exciting. And thanks to Billy for all these amazing pictures!


Sara and I before we took off for the run


Starting off with some hills

Thanks again guys for inviting me and I would encourage everyone to give trail running a chance. It’s so much nicer on the joints and body and it’s scenic and serene. It was so nice to see such a different view and to run with more people! Oh and I was super brave. I ran in 32 degree weather. I know! How hardcore is that!

Then Saturday I had a fourteen miler. I was pretty nervous about this run because I had never ran this distance before. I have never passed over the half marathon mark of 13.1 miles. I had been having some trouble with my knee lately and was hoping that it would hold up so I could get in the fourteen miles. I also was hoping it would stay sunny for my entire run.

I started off the first 3 miles pretty slow and then found my rhythm. Miles 4-10 were pretty good, easy solid pace. Miles 11-12.8 were slower but I knew I was getting close to the end so I was getting happy with myself, and maybe loosing my mind a little bit. Then mile 13 came and went and I hit the W.A.L.L. I have never crashed that hard before. My stomach was hurting, I have never felt so tired in my life. I finally made it home after a slothy last mile and took a long shower. I was totally fine though, and felt great to have finally surpassed the half marathon mark. I averaged an 8:55 pace for the 14 miles. Can’t wait to do the 16 next weekend!

Tonight I’ll be cross training at the gym to help my toe heal for my race this weekend. Just a little fun 10k close by my house. Tomorrow I’m going to post the results for the Freakishly Flexible 5k that was in honor of Non-Runner Nancy! So get your times to me if you haven’t yet!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


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