Foto Friday + Unmotivated.

In honor of the lovely Nike Mom’s hosted TGIF Foto Friday, I’m going to be the posting the long awaited picture of my desk that I recently finished. Here is some back ground on the desk and my handy work skills.

First off I am not ‘handy’, nor ‘artistic’, or ‘creative’. I am horrible at drawing, painting, anything that involves art. This was a huge project for me to tackle. It was found at a thrift store where it was unpainted. My mom bought me this and a dresser that is the same style and we painted them together. The desk used to have a blue top when I first painted it. Then I changed my room up and painted the top black. I had to sand down the desk through the black and the blue paint because I wanted the desk to be completely white. Sanding alone took me a day, it was quite the arm workout.

I painted the whole desk with three coats of paint, including the drawers. Then I had to lug the thing inside my room and put all the newly and waited a few days to put on the drawer pulls.
After those were in, it was obviously time to put my computer on it and my pictures.

Finally! A finished product! It took me over two weeks to do everything on it, but I was glad when it was done and I felt really accomplished.

As for the unmotivation in the title. I am just feeling a little bit unmotivated because my knee keeps acting up. Yesterday I was going to hit up the treadmill in the gym for eight miles, but I could only run four and a half. I was really disappointed in myself, but I know that sometimes my body just needs a rest and I’ve had a really emotionally demanding and draining week so I know that has taken its toll on me. This weekend I’m looking to get in a good amount of mileage though. I’m meeting up with Billy and Sara tomorrow morning pending rain to run some more trails down in San Juan Capistrano, which I know will be fun and different and then Sunday I’ll get out and get in my 14 miler, no matter how long it takes me!

I hope everyone has a great Friday the 13th, and Valentines Day! Remember to run for Nancy for the Freakishly Flexible 5k! sometime this weekend.


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50 Responses to Foto Friday + Unmotivated.

  1. Jocelyn says:

    oooOOOoo I like the desk! Good job! I really need to clean my apartment and make it look nice, but, alas, I am less than motivated.
    Still 4 miles is a great run! I ran my 5k this morning (since tomorrow I busy). Don’t be too hard on yourself. I know you’ll bounce back

  2. Undomesticated Newlywed says:

    That desk turned out absolutely adorable!

  3. Denise says:

    Great job!! I should hire you to do some of the home renovations we have going on!!

    I hear you w/ the knee issues. I’m so crushed that mine is bothering me enough that i actually had to make a doctors appt. Ugh. Hang in there.

  4. LyndsAU says:

    oh my gah-i love it!! that’s awesome!! i am actually looking for a desk. I am in desperate need. :)

  5. L.A. Daze says:

    Good job on the desk! I like how you keep it uncluttered. Mine would have a bunch of stuff accumulating on it after a while!

  6. Kim says:

    You’re dresser is Tres Chic. Great job.

  7. Jamie and Craig says:

    The desk looks great! Aww Take the day off and rest! You will get back on track =)

  8. Marcy says:

    Oooooo looks AWESOME chica! Isn’t it amazing what a little elbow grease and a coat of pain will do? Now can I borrow your services for a couple pieces? HAHA

  9. Good Gals Inc says:

    This desk looks great!!! You are so handy!!!

  10. Brandi says:

    The desk looks great! You did a fantastic job!! I have only attempted a makeover on my kitchen table and chairs once and it wasn’t pretty. I was looking to redo a rocking chair but when I started on it last weekend, decided it was going to be too much work! Way to stick with it! That motivates me to finish my projects! :)

  11. Mrs. Nurse says:

    Love it! You did a fabulous job. I am not crafty at all so I love seeing what everyone else comes up with!

  12. With Love from New Orleans says:

    The desk looks like its out of a pottery barn catalog. EXECELLENT work! 4 miles is still amazing! You rock!

  13. Oz Runner says:

    nice job on the desk..I have some unfinished projects I might send your way….( ;
    and 4 1/2 miles is better than no miles…

  14. X-Country2 says:

    I love the desk! You’re like your own little Pottery Barn.

    Your running mojo will be back in no time. Rest up and come back better than ever.

  15. J says:

    First your desk is so cute, especially with your computer! i am thinking about getting a mac but I think ill stick with the macbook. I love the big D too on your desk! I can’t wait to get out of college and get nice furniture!

  16. Kelly says:

    What a cute desk. I have a laptop, so all my typing is done from my couch, but if I had a desk that nice, I’d totally use it!

  17. Candice says:

    love the desk – you did such a great job!

    What kind of knee pain are you having? I’ve been having really bad knee pain for a month or so now. Some times it hurts worse than others, but when it acts up it is just downright miserable! Are you doing anything to try to alleviate the pain? I need advice and I don’t really know who to ask. But you’re not alone – it’s hard to be motivated when it hurts just to run 100 yards.

    Hope you 14 miles go well this weekend!

  18. Julie says:

    That came out super cute, I love it!

  19. Janice {Run Far} says:

    Hope the long run is a good one. Love that desk, it turned out super cute.

  20. Freck says:

    Nice work! This looks awesome!!

  21. aron says:

    love the desk!!!!

    sounds like a great weekend! hope those runs get you rejuvinated after a rough week.

  22. The 8-count says:

    nice work on the desk!

  23. Stuart says:

    You could have a side business in furniture restoration!

  24. Kappa Prep says:

    A new coat of paint and a little love can work wonders! it looks FABULOUS!!

  25. Amber says:

    That desk is SOO cute. I love the shelves on the side of it. Good work.

    This summer my boyfriend and I painted all of our furniture dark brown because we already had some dark wood so we wanted everything to match. It was quite the chore because we had to let everything dry between coats, but everyone compliments us on how all the furniture in our apartment matches :-)

  26. Ms. V. says:

    that is aDORable!

  27. Marci says:

    Cute desk and good job on refurbishing.
    Also I’m confused, is it you or jog america that is running the 5K. I signed up there, do I need to sign up with you instead, or are you working together in tandem?

  28. That Pink Girl says:

    The desk turned out great!

    Be sure to rest that knee. It might just be your body’s way of saying “Hold up!”

  29. Borsch says:

    Awesome job on the desk!

  30. Marlene says:

    Great job on the desk! Cute set-up.

    I hope your knee cooperates this weekend!

  31. Lacey Nicole says:

    OMG I WANT THAT DESK! it is my dream desk, for real. drawers, shelves, etc all built in, AWESOME!!!! turned out so nice!!! don’t worry about the motivation, i def have those days all the time, the only cure is a great run, which you will have eventually. let it come to you. rest as needed :) HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

  32. D10 says:

    You did an amazing job with the desk. I really like all the accessories too.

  33. Sharneysrun says:

    Wow, girl! That desk looks great! What a nice little spot to sit and blog :-)

    Sorry about your knee :-( Just listen to your body and give it a rest! You’ll be fine!

    Happy Valentine’s Day and good luck with your 14 miler!! You can do it!!!

  34. lindsay says:

    your desk turned out great!! i always have the intent on doing something cool like that and then i get lazy and never finish… it really turned out nice!!

    happy v-day and have a good weekend! good luck on your long run tomorrow.

  35. Alexandra says:

    I hope you liked the virtual valentine I sent!


  36. says:

    Why is it always the knees? Its like the Achilles heel for runners…my knee is yelling at me this week too.

    Love the desk!

  37. Trying to Remember it All says:

    Great desk.

    I’m feeling bad about my miles (or lack of) this week too.

  38. A Toronto girl out West says:

    Ooooooooo the desk is awesome!!! Super cute! Makes me want to keep my eyes open during garage sales this summer!!

    Oh and I don’t know if I’ve ever commented on here before but I’ve been reading for a while now and I heart your blog! :o)

    And so . . . I added you to my updated blog roll!

  39. shannon says:

    beautiful job you did on that desk! I love how your sense of style from what I see in your little office space matches the style of your blog. Happy Valentine’s day!!

  40. Marci says:

    Hi Danica, I hope you don’t mind if I just leave you a message here (my e-mail server is down now). My race report is up. 5K in 26 minutes. Thanks for organizing!

  41. Nicole says:

    I really LOVE your desk! You did a great job and it looks so ‘chic’ HAHA :) Hopefully your knee starts feeling better soon!

  42. Run Mommy says:

    Great job! You should be very proud of doing it yourself. Makes it all that much more worthwhile. :)

  43. The Laminator says:

    Great job. Desk looks beautiful.

  44. Hollie says:

    the desk looks amazing! i love it!
    i love the white/cream color and the black pulls!!

  45. Tri-ing Fat Man says:

    Very Nice! TIme the Tool Man would be proud!

  46. Missy R. says:

    Award time! :) Check my bloggy!

  47. justin manas prince jaspher ligin says:

    fabulous job..

  48. Jamie and Craig says:

    YAY! I got the book! thanks so much!!!! I got you a pic… it’s in this mess of a post =) Hope you had an awesome weekend!

  49. Alisa says:

    That is soooooo freakin’ cool! I wouldn’t even know how to begin a project like that!

  50. Marathon Maritza says:

    Love Love Love the desk! I can totally see why you took the time to redo it…I love the style! :)

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