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Foto Friday + Unmotivated.

In honor of the lovely Nike Mom’s hosted TGIF Foto Friday, I’m going to be the posting the long awaited picture of my desk that I recently finished. Here is some back ground on the desk and my handy work skills.

First off I am not ‘handy’, nor ‘artistic’, or ‘creative’. I am horrible at drawing, painting, anything that involves art. This was a huge project for me to tackle. It was found at a thrift store where it was unpainted. My mom bought me this and a dresser that is the same style and we painted them together. The desk used to have a blue top when I first painted it. Then I changed my room up and painted the top black. I had to sand down the desk through the black and the blue paint because I wanted the desk to be completely white. Sanding alone took me a day, it was quite the arm workout.

I painted the whole desk with three coats of paint, including the drawers. Then I had to lug the thing inside my room and put all the newly and waited a few days to put on the drawer pulls.
After those were in, it was obviously time to put my computer on it and my pictures.

Finally! A finished product! It took me over two weeks to do everything on it, but I was glad when it was done and I felt really accomplished.

As for the unmotivation in the title. I am just feeling a little bit unmotivated because my knee keeps acting up. Yesterday I was going to hit up the treadmill in the gym for eight miles, but I could only run four and a half. I was really disappointed in myself, but I know that sometimes my body just needs a rest and I’ve had a really emotionally demanding and draining week so I know that has taken its toll on me. This weekend I’m looking to get in a good amount of mileage though. I’m meeting up with Billy and Sara tomorrow morning pending rain to run some more trails down in San Juan Capistrano, which I know will be fun and different and then Sunday I’ll get out and get in my 14 miler, no matter how long it takes me!

I hope everyone has a great Friday the 13th, and Valentines Day! Remember to run for Nancy for the Freakishly Flexible 5k! sometime this weekend.


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