Dear Target

Dearest Target,

Normally I love you, nay adore you. I love your red clearance tags found down every aisle. I love just walking around, looking at all your exciting displays. The colors send me into a trance. The Dollar spot and all it’s random crap that I buy and justify to myself because it’s only a dollar!I love the amazing deals I find there on everything, from towels, to shoes, to running clothes. I’ve proclaimed my love for you constantly on my blog, and now, I just had to write you about the TERRIBLE service I’ve been recently receiving. Not only are you hurting my feelings but I I am completely disappointed with my recent encounters there.

I was at the Target the other day on my lunch break. I had to make simple returns and I had the receipt for my returns. (side note: your new return policy sucks big time, get real Target, your Target, let me return your stuff I didn’t like!) I walked up to the counter where two employees were small talking. I stood in the ‘line’ section even though there were no other customers around. I am not a mean girl. I am not bitchy. I am a friendly outgoing person. These girls were not nice. I smiled at them, and I waited. It wasn’t a big deal until I began to feel ignored. I waited for about three minutes while they chatted about last night, and let me tell you, it wasn’t work related or Target friendly conversation. Finally one girl left and the other girl kept yelling at her about last night and then doing something else before she put something back.

Finally, I walked up to the counter and said hello and she stared at me like I was interrupting what she was doing, and it was obvious that she was doing nothing. She never said hello to me and then huffed and puffed while I got out my id for the returns. I’m sorry I keep my purse messy, but Target, I spend most of my money at your lovely store, so get over me having a messy purse. She then just turned around while my receipt was printing and I had to rip it off myself and leave the counter. Her name was Anel, fire her immediately Target, redeem your reputation with your favorite and most loyal customer.

I couldn’t leave without perusing the aisles, and I was a little angry because of your worker. Nothing makes me happier than buying something. So then I was down in the picture frame aisle and there was an employee there retagging some frames on clearance. These were some amazing frames for amazing prices so I wanted to get a closer look. I said I was sorry for being in her way and then reached around to get a frame. She got up and stared at me and scoffed. I have NEVER experienced this kind of horrible service anywhere. I was polite and friendly and both these employees were acting as if I was an awful customer, hello! I personally am probably keeping your store afloat.

Then, I have found the TV of my dreams for my room. A baby vizio to match my 42 incher in the living room. This 22 inch love child is all I’ve ever wanted. I traveled far and wide to locate this and then had the brilliant idea that instead of spending a small fortune on gas to cart myself around, I would just begin calling the locations and asking if the tv was in stock. Talk about a lack of customer service on the phone. Do you teach your employees to pick up the phone and yell, or just tell them to hold the phone up so that I can hear the screeching in the background? Do you tell them that manners on the phone don’t matter?

I called over 10 Targets and alas have yet to find the Vizio, but have had much success with people who don’t know how to transfer a phone call, or put me on hold, or love to just hang up on me. It seems to be a reoccurring occurrence with your employees and it is nothing but shameful. One employee even told me that they didn’t carry that brand. There were no thank yous, no polite hellos, no thank you for calling Target, and it was just disappointing. What are you becoming Target? No customer service anymore?

I wasn’t doing anything to bother any of the employees and said hello and thank you and sorry for being in their way when I clearly had the right to be in the way. Normally the red shirted team members are helpful and nice, but you my love, have let me down. I am utterly disappointed in this situation Target. I thought you prided yourself on friendly employees. I hope you talk to the team members, because this makes me very sad, and I will be telling my friends about this horrible experience. Please Target, change your attitude, or I’ll have to shop there with a bag over my head.



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55 Responses to Dear Target

  1. Alisa says:

    Ugh! I HATE those retail experiences. I was in a Nordstrom’s once and had a similar experience to your return scenario. It’s Nordstrom’s peeps, your stuff ain’t cheap, and if it doesn’t fit I wanna take it BACK! Don’t guilt trip or get huffy, you’re supposed to be a store prided on customer service.

  2. Sara says:

    I could have written this post myself. I had the exact saem experience returning something and I wrote to target and got no reply whatsoever. They didn’t care. I now only go there if in the neighborhood. I don’t make special trips anymore. They have realyl disappointed me.

  3. Denise says:

    That’s terrible. I love, no wait, I’m obsessed, with Target, too. I’d be crushed w/ such terrible service. You should email the store manager.

  4. Shannon says:

    I get the same service at the dreaded W word. I avoid all of those places now and order what I can online….

  5. Tara Gibson says:

    ugh I hate bad customer service.. I would have been extremly annoyed! I usually go find the manager when this stuff happens to me! ha: )

  6. Hi! I'm Erin says:

    Thankfully I have not experienced this when visiting Target in person, but I have had similar experiences when dealing with them on the phone. I’m not sure why their employees lose all semblance of manners when they pick up the phone. Also, I think some of their “hold” policies are ridiculous as well as their unwillingness to check the backroom stock when something isn’t out front.

  7. X-Country2 says:

    That sucks. I heart Target too, except for trying to register for my wedding there. We nearly broke up. (Target and me, not the husband and me.) I flirted with Bed Bath and Beyond for a bit, but I just couldn’t do it. The dollar bin keeps pulling me back.

  8. trying to remember it all says:

    Oh my gosh…it sounds like ya’ll are breaking up!

    Before you do though, I just got the best Converse One Star dress there in blue for $33.

  9. L.A. Daze says:

    I’ve hated Target for a while because of their horrible customer service. That, and they never have anything in stock. Plus they carry different things on their website and in stores.

    Not to mention that the majority of Target customers are extremely rude, steal carts (even though there is something in it), drag their screaming babies around and encourage such behavior, push the cart into you, etc.

    I’m guessing there’s a link between the shopper demographics and the people they employ. It just seems to get worse.

    Those rude people belong in a Walmart!

  10. Vava says:

    That service does suck and I hope that your experience improves in the future. However, I think firing that girl is a bit drastic, don’t you think? I mean, she has to WORK there, probably for very little pay, and must absolutely hate her job. That being said, there is no excuse for treating you the way she did – it’s not your fault her jobs sucks major ass!

    Good luck with your TV hunt. I HATE calling places, and am faced with calling my current internet and cable supplier to cancel their service because they overprice and underperform, and am dreading it big time!

  11. The Reality of Happily Ever After says:

    I’m laughing so hard! That sad/pitiful Target face made me LOL —

    I LOVE TARGET! yet… I hate bad service anywhere :(

  12. Mrs. D says:

    I can’t believe you have had so many bad experiences lately. You should try emailing the manager or whoever complaints go to online. I have done that before w/other stores and have gotten feedback.

  13. Lacey Nicole says:

    sounds like target needs to revamp its employee population!!!!! :( hate stuff like this.

  14. Marlene says:

    Ugh, talk about awful service. I would definitely be making a complaint.

  15. The Happy Runner says:

    Horrible! That is just no good. I love Target so much that I think I would break down and cry if I had such a bad experience!

  16. Lauren says:

    it’s why I love companys that you can check stock through their website at all nearby stores.

    like Target. :)

    You should definitely forward a copy of your post to the store manager.

  17. lindsay says:

    their return policy sucks big time!! i hope you don’t have to quit shopping there.

  18. bb says:

    ACK! I have also have a (newly formed) love-hate relationship with target…and it used to be all love!

    I had to return duplicate items that were off my wedding registry. The employee told me I had to print out my registry list from the kiosk…none of their printers worked…and then she acted like she couldn’t take my stuff back! I said “What kind of weirdo would pretend to have a wedding registry just to return a bunch of stuff to Target?! I really was registered here!”

    In short, I’m feelin’ ya.

  19. The 8-count says:

    Horrible customer service sucks! It’s my biggest pet peeve anywhere – I suggest you send a complaint letter to Target. You never know if they may try to make it up to you!

  20. Mrs. Nurse says:

    That sounds like a trip to Wal-Mart, yikes!!

  21. Billy Burger says:

    I think it’s par for course with that place. I put up with it because of the amazing bargins and just don’t take it personally.

  22. says:

    I hope you actually sent this in to Target, even by e-mail…
    You might be surprised what they send you :-)

  23. Legallyblondemel says:

    Oh, boo! My beloved Target. Sigh.

    A change to the return policy? Uh-oh. I’d better investigate.

    Did you mention your experience to the store manager? I might say something the next time you’re in there.

  24. RunToFinish says:

    That’s too bad, my Target actually has some really great people working there. I’ve been really impressed with their helpfulness, especially on christmas eve!

  25. mrjwhit~ says:

    Reason why I don’t shop often. Whenever I do I keep my expectations low and I am rarely disappointed.

  26. Lis says:

    Ughh how frustrating!! I’m sorry you had to go through this! I had a similar experience recently where the cashier wanted to charge me full price for some Christmas napkins. Yes, Christmas and yes this was last week. Guess what – I’m not paying $8.99 for them – not going to happen! I even talked to her manager (or whoever she was) and she wasn’t going to budge. So needless to say I left without them! Ugh… what has the world come to?

  27. joyRuN says:

    You seem like a total sweetie, so if those biznatches were rude to you, I imagine they’d throw me to the ground & start pummeling!

    So sorry to hear about your bad experiences. Nothing like being the brunt of people's bad days/situations/lives to ruin the day.

  28. Angry Julie Monday says:

    I’m sorry. I’ve had days like that at Target too. I refuse to go back to certain “ghetto” stores. They have the 22″ Vizio’s at Costco, me thinks. I’m going to Costco tonight. I will look for you!

  29. Julie says:

    Boo on Target! Thanks to their shitty return policy, hardly anybody registers there for weddings or baby stuff anymore.

    I will still put up with Target’s slowly dwindling customer service before I set foot in a Wal Mart though!

  30. Kath52 says:

    Oh no, say it ain’t so!

    But how about the new Orla Kiely collection? Was it in stock? Is it cute?

  31. Niki says:

    Thats awful! I just found your blog and wanted to say hi:)

  32. Piper Jacquelyn says:

    Oh no! What a bummer. Target is usually so great! I have a really good friend that is an exec at Target – I will alert her of this horridness immediately!

  33. Tania says:

    Oh no I’m sorry! I hate rude people! I hate to say it, but I think if I got treatment like that, the inner bitch would have to come out!

  34. Marathon Maritza says:

    Ugh, nothing irks me like bad customer service when I’m being very polite and nice. UGH!

    Thank goodness I gave up frivolous shopping (which, come on, is EXACTLY what Target is!) for Lent…I will expect their attitudes to be adjusted when I return in 40 days.

    (Oh man but I do heart the dollar spot.)

  35. kristen says:

    Thats bullsh*t. You should send them this in a letter. Exactly what you just posted – Dear Target…

  36. Nicole says:

    Target is my love too. And i can TOTALLY relate to buying things from there, it just makes you feel BETTER!

    Ive been there like 3 times in the past week buying stuff for vacation and each time spent like 30$!

    I seriously cant help it. Nothing makes me happier then the dollar bin either. Its heavenly.

    Next time you go, if you decide to deal with their rude employees, check out the shoe clearence. I got the most adorable open toe heals for 16 bucks! They will be perfect for vacation!

    Hopefully you find your tv soon!!! :)

  37. Soon to be Mrs. M says:

    I hope you sent them a copy!

  38. J says:

    Sorry about your bad experience at Target! I have had that happen to me before and not just at Target. I try to be friendly too and they just seem to be mad that you are happy!!

  39. Target Sucks - Remember that says:

    I’ve been telling people for nearly four years that Target SUCKS!
    Look at:

  40. Megan and Chris says:

    Oh Danica! I am sorry for your horrible Target experience! I love it too but I would agree that my experience with customer service has been hit or miss. Here is a hopefully helpful idea – if they sell the item you are interested in online, you can check which stores it is in online. The button is right below all of the other buttons that let you add the item to your registry. It is still worth calling before heading over to make sure it is in stock, but it might save you some customer service pain. Thanks for allowing us to be entertained by your pain though! :)

  41. Southern Savvy says:

    No, not Target! I haven’t been in a Wal-Mart in YEARS b/c of similar service and their refusal to hire people who speak English b/c heaven forbid that an English speaking American need help in one of their stores. I just recently had the same problem at Target. I saw two associates speaking Spanish to one another and then I walked up to them to ask a question. They just stared at me like What the Heck do you want? After I asked my question they said they didn’t speak English and turned their backs on me! UGH!!!!! Sorry to rant on your blog but with all of these repsonses maybe someone from Target will read them!

  42. Angry Julie Monday says:

    I’m commenting again…because I don’t think I have your e-mail anywhere woman!

    I checked Costco last night and they had the 22″ Vizio for $297.

    Just wanted to let you know…

    and yes, it was in stock @ The District Costco on Barranca and Jamboree in Irvine.

  43. The Laminator says:

    Sorry girl…wow, that really sucks. I hope you really did send them your post in a letter. There’s no place for rudeness, like NEVER!

  44. Beth says:

    Wow you’re right, mostly people at Target are friendly enough. I would have been mad too.

  45. Rene ( says:

    AMEN! You are totally right. The service at Target has gone down hill. They are practically begging us to go elsewhere, which stinks, because I am also a huge fan and spend a ton of money there. P.S., really enjoying your blog, it makes me laugh out loud.

  46. Sarah says:

    Yikes, that is horrible surface! I love Target, but we don’t have one in Canada. Everytime my sister and I make a trip down to the USA, we need to save at least an hour of shopping for Target time!

  47. Marcy says:

    Really?!? OMGosh our Target has some of the best CS ever!! I fact I just returned something there the other night and the CS lady and I had a nice little convo. She told me NEVER to buy Mr Coffee coffee pots because they get returned the most. I’m sorry you didn’t have a good expereience. I will gladly bust those girls A’s LOL

    I would write a nasty e-mail, fo shizzle!

  48. RunningLaur says:

    The bad service is everywhere, and it’s so depressing.
    I can’t help but keep going to Target though, there must be something they pump in the air or through the lights that’s just intoxicating….

  49. Laurel says:

    You should have tagged Target in this post. Maybe someone would find and and email you about it.

    Unfortunately, this is customer service nowadays. It stinks. Sorry you had such a crappy experience. I have them all the time too.

  50. N.D. says:

    that’s ridiculous – I usually love going to target – except on the weekend with all the little kids running around and moms that let them run free. Hopefully you’ll have a better experience next time!

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