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Dear Target

Dearest Target,

Normally I love you, nay adore you. I love your red clearance tags found down every aisle. I love just walking around, looking at all your exciting displays. The colors send me into a trance. The Dollar spot and all it’s random crap that I buy and justify to myself because it’s only a dollar!I love the amazing deals I find there on everything, from towels, to shoes, to running clothes. I’ve proclaimed my love for you constantly on my blog, and now, I just had to write you about the TERRIBLE service I’ve been recently receiving. Not only are you hurting my feelings but I I am completely disappointed with my recent encounters there.

I was at the Target the other day on my lunch break. I had to make simple returns and I had the receipt for my returns. (side note: your new return policy sucks big time, get real Target, your Target, let me return your stuff I didn’t like!) I walked up to the counter where two employees were small talking. I stood in the ‘line’ section even though there were no other customers around. I am not a mean girl. I am not bitchy. I am a friendly outgoing person. These girls were not nice. I smiled at them, and I waited. It wasn’t a big deal until I began to feel ignored. I waited for about three minutes while they chatted about last night, and let me tell you, it wasn’t work related or Target friendly conversation. Finally one girl left and the other girl kept yelling at her about last night and then doing something else before she put something back.

Finally, I walked up to the counter and said hello and she stared at me like I was interrupting what she was doing, and it was obvious that she was doing nothing. She never said hello to me and then huffed and puffed while I got out my id for the returns. I’m sorry I keep my purse messy, but Target, I spend most of my money at your lovely store, so get over me having a messy purse. She then just turned around while my receipt was printing and I had to rip it off myself and leave the counter. Her name was Anel, fire her immediately Target, redeem your reputation with your favorite and most loyal customer.

I couldn’t leave without perusing the aisles, and I was a little angry because of your worker. Nothing makes me happier than buying something. So then I was down in the picture frame aisle and there was an employee there retagging some frames on clearance. These were some amazing frames for amazing prices so I wanted to get a closer look. I said I was sorry for being in her way and then reached around to get a frame. She got up and stared at me and scoffed. I have NEVER experienced this kind of horrible service anywhere. I was polite and friendly and both these employees were acting as if I was an awful customer, hello! I personally am probably keeping your store afloat.

Then, I have found the TV of my dreams for my room. A baby vizio to match my 42 incher in the living room. This 22 inch love child is all I’ve ever wanted. I traveled far and wide to locate this and then had the brilliant idea that instead of spending a small fortune on gas to cart myself around, I would just begin calling the locations and asking if the tv was in stock. Talk about a lack of customer service on the phone. Do you teach your employees to pick up the phone and yell, or just tell them to hold the phone up so that I can hear the screeching in the background? Do you tell them that manners on the phone don’t matter?

I called over 10 Targets and alas have yet to find the Vizio, but have had much success with people who don’t know how to transfer a phone call, or put me on hold, or love to just hang up on me. It seems to be a reoccurring occurrence with your employees and it is nothing but shameful. One employee even told me that they didn’t carry that brand. There were no thank yous, no polite hellos, no thank you for calling Target, and it was just disappointing. What are you becoming Target? No customer service anymore?

I wasn’t doing anything to bother any of the employees and said hello and thank you and sorry for being in their way when I clearly had the right to be in the way. Normally the red shirted team members are helpful and nice, but you my love, have let me down. I am utterly disappointed in this situation Target. I thought you prided yourself on friendly employees. I hope you talk to the team members, because this makes me very sad, and I will be telling my friends about this horrible experience. Please Target, change your attitude, or I’ll have to shop there with a bag over my head.



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