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Last night I had the great opportunity to meet up with Newlyweds Next Door for some DELICIOUS crepes and coffee at Le Creperie in Long beach. Yum, yum, yum and such a fun time to chat and meet up! It was really fun to talk about our blogs, our ‘virtual friends’ and be able to relate on so many computer literate levels and to understand the blogosphere. We did realize there aren’t many Orange County or even Los Angeles bloggers though, which is sad. :(

She is so incredibly sweet and cute, and I had such a great time. I can’t wait to hang out again, perhaps go on a walk, since she doens’t run :( ha ha, just kidding, I accept everyone, and she mentioned that her dad ran, so she is A+ in my book.

On another note, I’ll be doing eight miles tonight because I couldn’t get my lazy butt out of bed this morning. I cannot wait any longer for daylight savings. I hate running in the morning. It’s horrible and I love sleeping. I can run all night if I had to, but that’s not the safest idea and it’s hard to get in a solid run in the dark sometimes. I’m more sore today than I was yesterday, which is odd, but I’m sure I’ll be fine by my run tonight. Pop some aleeve! Oh by the way, today is free taco day at Jack in the Box. You know where I’ll be heading for lunch. Have a desire for free j-in-the-b tacos? Here’s the coupon

Also I have been trying to add comments to some of your blogs and the word verification is not allowing me. Now this is saddening me because some times you guys ask wonderful questions, like where I got my capris (walmart) … or how I like my fuel belt (though I feel like a poser, I love it)… or if I sweat when I run (no, which is bizarre) but I can’t answer! Someone fix this or turn off your word verifications! :)

I also have some exciting news.

Last night I bought a plane ticket to visit the wonderful island of KAUAI, HAWAII! They were just so cheap and everyone needs a vacation. So from April 10-16 I’ll be alohaing over there, getting in some gorgeous sun and running in a new area. I’m so excited. Mahhhhalo.


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